What do you think about Deku wanting to save Shigaraki?

What do you think about it?

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At a standpoint it's ok for now. This has always been to a sense predictable in shounen manga. Where the hero even if is at the odds of his rival/villain there's something inside him still wanting to save his counterpart.

I wasn't exactly surprised or hopeful or even angry with the outcome because it's generally typical of a shounen to go this route. The real question is how will it be done? How will it be portrayed? Will the audience be satisfied with the outcome or will it be a downfall?

I look forward to reading what happens. Whether through the good or the bad you know it's going to be one banger of a story arc if they continue down this path.

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Dumb as hell; I’m so tired of the “Heroes even save people who don’t want to be saved” trope in this series and any others, even good natured people know when someone is too far gone and unreachable behind their delusions. Sometimes, there is mercy in killing someone, especially an unhinged, overpowered mass murderer like Shigaraki. It doesn’t make Deku sound more noble or heroic, it makes him sound like a naive child, which is ultimately what he still is.
I think people misunderstood the whole point of that scene

Deku saw a part of Shigaraki that wanted to be saved - doesn't mean that Shigaraki is savable.

Think of it likes this, imagine you saw a bear ( shigaraki ) caught in a bear trap ( AFO ), you decide to save the bear but the bear is still bear and the bear will kill you

So Deku's desire to save Shigaraki might be there because in certain situations even animals want to be saved, doesn't mean you save them. Deku is gonna fight Shigaraki and it is gonna be a fight to the death, it has to be. The story of OFA and AFO must end, one has to go.

And Shigaraki is way past saving point, he is genocidal level threat and saving him is just mad and bad

It's just that Deku always wanted to save people - yet he often didn't have the ways to do so as we have seen with Muscular
The title ia great but in my opinion, in MHA universe hero v villain cant win easily like in fairytail.
Maybe if deku want to save shigaraki there will be a lot victim i mean really a lot.
But if this really happen its really good, OFA user can become a good hero wholefully.
Not like the user before, they use their power for good but they dont want to save everyone.
If shigaraki really saved the plot will be epic, he is grandson from the OFA user n what if he can claim AFO to use it in good way.