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Naruto- the final war added so many plot holes and contrivances that it's mind boggling. Also shat on its entire narrative of hard work overcoming talent and natural gifts.

Bleach- recycled lots of previously used ideas(Soul Society and Hueco Mundo are exactly the same) and a horribly rushed ending because the manga got canceled.

Seven Deadly Sins- started off average but went to shit with its unorganized structure, horrible twists and leaning heavily on its creep factor(what's with author's obsession with kids?).

Fairy Tail- started off average but went to hell with its mountain of plot holes, inconsistencies and contrivances.

Death Note- L vs Light was the driving force behind the series and greatly raised the bar. Mello and Near together couldn't live up to the expectations, and it didn't help that Near was discount L in personality and design.

Dorei Yuugi- death game/underworld plot. One of the WORST endings I've ever seen and made the entire manga, and MC, feel like a complete waste of time. Even "it was just a dream!" endings feels less of a waste.

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Besides one piece what's a Manga/Anime that started off amazing but fell off?

For me I'll say Death Note first half was great Even if I didn't like Misaka at all but the post L Death part was so boring and the ending felt rushed
simply put very few series can end on a high note
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slam dunk fell off??
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One Piece did not fall off.
it certainly did