Current Events What is happening with Sanji’s body? And are his powers related to King’s Race?

Whatever this will lead to, it's insane that ODa has used this to make Sanji fight nerfed through out this whole Raid

as even Zoro picks up that Sanji's movements are off because of how these changes are affecting his body as they're happening :crazwhat:

It wasn't enough that Oda spent out Sanji's stamina with no break to escort Luffy and Zoro up and down Onigashima through the army of Gifters, and had him fight Hybrid Queen and then both Hybrid Queen and King without the Raid Suit, but he had him nerfed on top of that with this as well:crazwhat:

All we've seen from Sanji so far has become pretty much irrelevant when it comes to his peak scaling after these fights.

Nerfed Sanji < Regular Sanji << Awakened Sanji < Awakened Sanji + RS

If we're seeing any Haki buffs on top of that, holy fuck post Wano Sanji is a monster beyond what i could have imagined :crazwhat:
Oda's fault. He send Robin to train with Sabo and Sanjino to run with Okamas.

I think this awakening is related to DJ and not exoskeleton.
In all fairness Oda has an idea of what he wanted Sanjis powers to be and the training he got fits them really well:

1. Flames from emotion - Sanji was in a state of hyper emotion his entire time there and thinking about it triggers intense anger
2. Leg strength - Running on sand is a common and proven highly effective form of leg training that’s supposed to build muscle without harming the joints. What Sanji did was just pushing this to its max.
3. Observation Haki - Constantly running and hiding from the people chasing and looking for him created a need to consistently need to look in all directions without having to slow down. This caused a growth in Observation haki that’s proven quite effective allowing him to dodge even Katakuri.
In my theory, Raid suit injected something into Sanji body to make him feeling weird and unlock his gen that got anti by Sora's drugs. Raid suit needs the user who unlocked dna easy to master it. Like Other Sanji sibling did. So that Sanji unlock all his gen germa also unlock all Rs power
Sanji's DJ simply comes from his burning emotions as simple as that, Oda already confirmed this a long time ago in an SBS and Sanji confirmed this again in the chapter. Therefore it's not related to some weird variation of CoA, nor is it related to lineage factor modifications nor is it related to King's race, though I think that he will eventually awake his Germa powers which will enhance his strength, speed and durability via the exoskeleton as well as maybe get a Haki upgrade and have the ability to go invisible in base mode
There is no a single quote about having DNA, Queen just said "you are not from luneria, how it's possible ?" and Oda showed us King the next panel that Lunaria is his tribe's name.

Don't go for a second king's merienda lol!
But Sanji is getting a new PU now, Queen said "i felt nothing" which means Sanji needs more fire power.

Queen was talking about both him and King since he said "if you wanna take us down" and "our unstoppable toughness", and King got up faster from Zoro's attack, so the downplay if you're playing this game has to target both Zoro and Sanji here :kayneshrug: