Speculations What is the purpose of having Ulti and Page One meet Luffy?

Why did Oda have them meet Luffy

  • a warm up fight for Luffy

    Votes: 14 31.1%
  • a warm up fight for Eustass and Killer

    Votes: 4 8.9%
  • they will become allies

    Votes: 27 60.0%
  • a warm up fight for Zoro

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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Blueno got hyped quite heavily before being defeated. Ulti didn’t even get to fight someone and show off her abilities, I sincerely doubt a Tobi Roppo will get defeated in the first on screen fight in which he showcases his DF power, especially if the said Tobi Roppo got introduced only 4 chapters ago. Even Page One didn’t get defeated by Sanji despite being weaker than him and having been used as a hypetool to showcase his new power up.

She is Luffy's sister. They only never see each other. :feelsokeman:
P1 will be offscreened again lmao.
Plot twist : she’s actually his mother.


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I'm beginning to think Page One is dead. :sus:
Dude legit fell down the stairs... and we know what stairs do in One Piece... :sus:

Well, we have the corona outbreak and all...
and Ulti has a mask, sooo...

Lol so stairs >>> Sanji?

Either way I guess we will see the lad fighting someone soon :)
His actual crew that's been with Kaido since the start??
Not really sure why anybody would think that bunch of kids he recruited recently were his main force lol.

Then there's also Big Mom and dozens of her children, for all we know there are stronger ones that Oven and etc that we didn't see. (completely possible since Snack > Oven and Daifuku but played a minimum role in WCI).
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A Number was literally introduced as wanting to have a Tobi Roppo position
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That's besides the point.
What’s your point then ravaged brain
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