Questions & Mysteries what is this ?!

some possibilities are:
qin army will lose but we all know history that happen in a looong time.
kanki will win vs kochou but that gonna made shibashou very angry because kank iuse "dirty moves" on kochou body ... zhao moral will rise up ....
riboku will start to move .... but i doubt about it because it,s not his schedule ,Unless Hara want to speed thing up ...
Riboku still got some major W's after the Ouki incident though. Like slaying Duke Hyou, Gekishin, attack on Sai (although not successful but still impressive), etc.

And getting outsmarted by Ousen is not an L. It's actually a W for Riboku to actually escaped his palm. But yeah, defeating Kanki and Ousen would be the biggest W for Riboku in the entire series.
i know there's many reasons why he lost etc .

but i mean in general he didn't get W since defeating ouki.
so i hope

before he die he get Ws
cuz in history he did get 3 .
First defeated kanki
second defended zhaou from qin
third also defended zhaou from qin.