Character Discussion What was even the point of Kaido’s scar from Zoro?

To make Zoro not look like complete ass in comparison to awakened Law/Kid, an current base Luffy. Since the feat happened, basically everybody been shown superior:

-Luffy attacks use ACoC, comparable to a Yonko. An actually excite Kaido. Ashrua something Kaido “literally not thought about since it happened”.

Laws attacks have the 2nd most durable character in the manga “literally scared shitless”. An are just overall, completely above pre CoC Zoro pay grade in Attack potency.

Kid 50/50, technically he got a Yonko to dodge, an unlike Zoro it’s not just a random throw away. Neither Kaido/Meme openly acknowledged Zoro offense as a real threat to them. Kaido dodges the one time meme suggested it. From then on, there’s no indication given Zoro attack power worth Kaido/Meme time. Hell the panel below all the proof u need lol
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Oda showed that zoro is inferior to Oden by the inferior scar he gave to kaido.
Once again he should how zoro is inferior to oden when he couldn't control enma.(this were even admitted by zoro himself).

But when zoro got ACOC and controlled enma, he finally surpassed oden.
This will be shown when he beheads kaido.

I think zoro will take another mink medicine from chopper, this time it only lasts a minute or so and just enough for zkk to happen.

Then zoro goes to coma or some shit.
It was done to give some crumbs to the fucking retards who thought Zoro was going to take down Luffy's enemy.
Just like the crumbs against even a weakling like Hody were given before Zoro got punked.

To keep Zoro's "no lose" promise intact he has to create some plausible deniablity when he gets wrecked like this.
  • Zoro gets Enma
  • Zoro gets told he'd surpass Oden if he gets a black blade
  • Oden severely wounded Kaido
  • Zoro struggles with Enma
  • Scarring Kaido is all he could do with his power/injuries
  • Zoro gains AdCoC and learns how to control Enma
  • Zoro kills Kaido and completes what Oden failed to do
Very Simple Mr. Swallow, very very simple indeed 👌🏾
Or Zoro gets Enma.

Scars Kaido with Enma like Oden did.

That's it.

Very very simple.