General & Others What was the stupidest thing in Naruto?

Wasn't Kurama the reason he beat Gaara?
Kurama was at first a big weight on Naruto shoulder :

-> Stopping Naruto to properly learn ninjutsu. ( His chakra affected Naruto Chakra )

But it was his Joker card to survive any situation.

Then when Mastering Kurama chakra it was on of his boggest asset.

I would have liked the story of Naruto who did not have Kurama but 4 times the normal amount of chakra due to Uzumaki lineage and not being as bad as Ninjutsu that he was.

Shimotsuki Ghostly

A Man Called Brian.
Naruto passing out after Sakura's fake love confession and her faking being in love with him, ergh.


Something like 80 episodes of filler in a row after the canon material ended in the Naruto anime pre Shippuden. I dropped the Shippuden anime due to too much filler/slow pacing/flashbacks I think too, during the 4th ninja war or something? I just hated the Naruto story by that point.

Didn't Ninja Jesus Naruto defeat the 3rd Raikage's Edo Tensei self with a just a clone of himself? That was one of the most awful moments in the series if I'm remembering it right. I really liked those previous kages too. 5 kages also getting offscreened by Madara I believe.

Madara summoning 25 clones with their own Susanoos or something vs the current kages, I hated that so much, it's just beyond overkill. Like someone's God Mode, unstoppable OC self-insert in a RP game or something.

Nagato resurrecting all the people that died.

Naruto and Sasuke taking down Kaguya with that Sexy Transformtion Justsu.

The list can go on but I'm gonna stop it here for this post at least lol.

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Kaguya existing and black zetsu being behind everything like that zetsu was supposed to be madara's will but they need setup for another season so kaguya was born, it's much like how the end of z only existed as to setup gt
especially when most female characters thirsted over either Sasuke or Naruto.
Male characters thirsted aswell so whats your point are we going to pretend that jiraya did not thirst over tsunade or that naruto never thristed over sakura?
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Honestly. Even before Naruto became Jesus
I mean he's reincarnation of a god while also being his descendant so he's not really the same as jesus
Not exploring Shino Aburame character well.

At his introduction, he seems like a calm, smart student with mysterious aura. Plus he has ability to manipulate insect at will.
What a interesting ability to be explored!

And imho, given that personality and ability, he can be another fan favorite character.
But no, they don't give him more screen time and cool action. Such a shame.

Imho, all team leader (Shino, Shikamaru, Neji) could get more screen time. Especially Shino.
He has potency to be more popular than some main characters if they give him more spotlights. They end up turn him into a bit "creepy" character.

Boruto even make it worse when they turn Shino into Iruka 2.0.
He lost his cool and mysterious aura.
Shino is gross my dude...
Literally plays with bugs. Yuk

Dumbest part of nardo is not ending it after Pein Arc.
Shino is gross my dude...
Literally plays with bugs. Yuk

Dumbest part of nardo is not ending it after Pein Arc.
Depend on what kind of bug imho

Some bug could be interesting, let say some rare butterfly that has special ability or he can inject some beetle ability to his fighting prowess.
A lot possibility could be explored since there are many many bugs type in this world that could be used in the story creatively.