General & Others What was the stupidest thing in Naruto?

I could list a whole bunch of things.
The ninjas not being ninjas. No real world building within the Land of Fire and other places... I would have rather of have bunch of missions visiting places and branching out etc...
Basically I disliked the plot sort of.
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Uchihax clan ability
Neji's death
Konan's death
Forgotten characters like Shino
Akatsuki vs the Jinchurikis got off paneled

Also this is not a sword, no matter how hard I look at it

It's an axe and a mallet
In your opinion what was the stupidest thing in Naruto?
Personally It would have to go to the Shadow Clone Justu's memory sharing ability added half way through the series, and the fact Naruto simply didn't realize it.
Yes Naruto was dumb, but that made him feel border line retarded, clearly it was an ability added on after the fact but it could have been handled better than "I guess I never noticed before".
All the Senju and Uchiha BS powers are bad, but that just feels like lazy writing and and author that wants to wrap everything up. But the Shadow Clone thing was bad on every level and insulting to the reader.

But what is your Pick for stupidest thing in Naruto.
Naruto was the stupidest thing I saw in Naruto really useless and stupid
You could murder as much as you want just by being guilty you will become his hero
Obito is awesome tho

The stupidest thing has to be the child of prophecy and the whole reincarnation bullshit. That did not need to be included at all and in fact you could pretty much do the entire story as it is without and it would've been better