General & Others What Was the Worst “X for Nakama” Bandwagon?

Two names: Monet and Rebecca

The former because come on, no Will of P will save her from her own heart being stabbed. Bringing her back would be worst than the shit the they pulled with Pell.

Rebecca. I can understand Carrot. I can understand Yamato. Hell, I can even understand the appeal of Perona. But all Rebecca did was run around and cry for her father. She didn’t even have a legit fight, but gotten humiliated by the superior Diamante and babysat by Robin. Easily the worst bandwagon. And as much as I hate to agree with Forneverworld, he’s damn right that she would hold back the Strawhats a lot had she joined.
Nah murder is murder it bad either way robin aint innocent even if it for the good lol
You actually read my post bae? :zosleepy:

I'm not arguing Robin hasn't gotten blood on her hands before, I'm arguing that Caesar is a much worse and more despicable human being than her or any of the Straw Hats and their allies.


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Any female for nakama except Yamato is a worst bandwagon especially Carrot. Other notable examples were Conis, Hancock, Perona, Camie, Shirahoshi, Monet, Rebecca, Viola, Pudding and Hiyori.
Viola wasn't that difficult to realize as the pattern looked very similar as to Vivi. Princesses destined to have their reigns flourish once again.