Questions & Mysteries What will be Bakugo Hero's name ?

Which Hero Name for Bakugo ?

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Lazy is the way
I think it is pretty much confirmed his hero name will be Bakushinchi - Ground Zero
Something that means center of explosion
Don't know, it was an early concept and I don't think it will fit Bakugo new mentality. Ground Zero is hella badass but still too "hard" of a hero name. Not meaninful enough for a Hero.
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Blast and yes he becomes number 1 of the hero association...
Lol it works


Lazy is the way
While i get from where you are coming from that term isn't USA exclusive
yeah but there are chances that Baku and Deku will go to USA for training and visiting so this can be weird.

And Horikoshi already had problems with Ujiko name and some nazi/old japan torturing person etc and had to apologize. Don't know if he wants to go at it again