What's the worst thing you've seen on the internet ?



It's not as bad as people make out to be. It's just two people playing with shit lol. You can find more disturbing content even on youtube nowadays
Absolutely. Last year a video of a guy blowing his brains out with a rifle was briefly circulating. 2 girls 1 cup made me not want to eat for a while but how can you call that shit "disturbing" ? No one is harmed in any form.


Damn, I don't know how y'all could watch some of the things you say in here. I couldn't even bring myself to watch 2 girls in 1 cup. Took a glimpse of that shit and backed the fuck out. But y'all deadass talking about beheadings and castrations, Jesus Christ. I'd like to avoid that type of stuff as much as I can.

critical mindset

An ISIS video where some dude held up a half mangled corpses of a small child, such that you could see her all her rib cage. That was sick

Another more funny but nevertheless disturbing example is a politician in my country, who was the minister of agriculture at the time, who discussed the nuances of zoophilia, as at the time there was a law passed to completely prohibit zoophilia (sex with animals)
There is no subtitles but what he’s asking is whether it should be illegal to put cream or other food on your dick and have your dog lick you off, or whether jacking off a dog should be considered illegal (he outright says these things could be more of a gesture of affection than actual animal abuse). He’s basically arguing a bunch of “nuanced” cases of humans engaging in sexual activities with animals to try to argue why a complete ban is not good. Yes this fucking happened at the parliament. That dude is royally screwed up and I can almost bet he’s done it a lot of untoward things with his dogs lol:suresure:
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