Future Events When will Sanji wake up from his faint?

When will he recover?

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If Sanji has super regenerative powers, then why did he even faint in the first place?

To answer the OP's question, I think Oda needs to show other characters first before Sanji wakes up. Hopefully Oda doesn't show Sanji waking up, but instead shows him pulling a Mr. Prince and fighting CP-0.
This should be it for Sanji, He's defeated the 3rd strongest like he usually does. He usually doesnt do much fighting after that. No Strawhat outside of Luffy has gotten 2 major 1v1 fights in an arc aside from Zoro in Skypiea.
i thought you sanjibros said he's going to fight CP0?? :lulz:

Serious answer : when the narrative requires him to.

Answering as Sanjibro : before the party, he doesn't have subplot left now.

Answering as cultured Zorobro : after the party, he will miss yamato's toast and Oda will make a gag/comedy out of this.

Answering as cultured WG forum member : after wano. Next arc will be vegapunk's, SH will fix sanji there.

Answering as normal member : never, he's broken now.
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That is not the point. The point is that he has fought non humans without his hands. The claim itself is oxymoronic because life is life. Cooking something its killing something and processing it to give another life.

Killing creatures with wisdom =/= killing creatures without wisdom
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If Sanji has super regenerative powers, then why did he even faint in the first place?.
It is possible that Exoskeleton only grants regeneration (as in wounds, basically physical) but not rejuvenation (as in fatigue, basically mental).
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After eight chapters
After requiring medical help
After getting bandages
After fainting of exhaustion
After extreme diffing the clown Queen

Then the moment came
He made it
He finally awoke


Oh my, Zoro's performance against the stronger King was so much more dominant than Sanji's one against the weaker Queen.
Well it was obvious, as Zoro is a character destined to achieve the top of the One Piece world.
Not to mention that Advanced Conqueror Haki is >>> Vinsmoke Esoskeleton and Ifrit Jambe.