Who all are hyped up for Cyberpunk ?


As for which lifepaths I'm gonna choose, I think I'm gonna go nomad probably (i was going back and fourth between nomad and streetkid).

i am so damned HYPED for this game!!!!

It will be a AAA cyberpunk game like no other imo!

I don't care if its first person! I played the Bioshock trilogy and loved them all so the first person perspective is totally fine by me.

I know some people are disappointed because they want to see their customized character, but imo since its an rpg, I'm gonna be wearing the best gear anyway, so looks don't really matter much to me, just like when I wore the Skillege Gamberson for almost the whole main campaign when I played Witcher 3. (it wasn't the best looking armour in the main campaign game, but it had 2 rune slots). Cyberpunk 2077 being in first person means that i no longer need to care about looks and cloth customization in a rpg and can wear whatever i want (cloths with the best stats of course).

People were also mad that there is now another delay, but I can wait, so I'm not really all that mad. I'm still busy with uni right now, and when the holidays come i still want to finish off the witcher 3 dlcs before i jump into Cyberpunk 2077, so I'm not really angry or annoyed like alot of other people on the internet right now.

The only thing i'm sad about the delay is that its been delayed so long that it will no longer be eligible for GOTY 2020. Cyberpunk 2077 can still be chosen for GOTY in 2021, but that will mean it will have to compete against next gen games with the release of the new consoles. I'm not too worried though, as the new next gen games for 2021 most likely are gonna be the new graphics that will be their biggest selling point. Cyberpunk 2077 having been developed for so long, will have plenty of amazing things other than just graphics (like story, characters, world building, rpg mechanics etc.) that the first batch of next gen games wouldn't be able to compete against. And having a whole year for people to play, review and leave impressions is a better way to earn GOTY than to hastily rush and release the game not in its best state it can be, while also giving reviewers only a few days to review the game. Now that its releasing on the same day of the 2020 Game Awards (according to my timezone anyway), to me it would just be like Cyberpunk 2077 participating in the 2020 Game Awards but post phoning its awards back by a year.

So to me it's all good, i keep getting more hyped and excited for this game with each new night city wire and info drop! :steef:

I'm not worried about being disappointed by it either since i have my expectations in check and i know what to expect from CDPR and what they are good at from playing the Witcher 3 (great at: characters, story, music, world building, RPG mechanics, artstyle etc.) So long as cyberpunk 2077 can meet the witcher 3's caliber, then I will be satisfied, and anything extra will just be the cherry on top and a pleasant surprise. The shooting already looks better than fallout/deus ex/borderlands when compared to other FPS RPGS, and the driving looks better than andromena, ghost recon wildlands or death stranding. So I have absolutely nothing to worry about. Anybody who's worried Cyberpunk 2077 is too sunny, GTA like or won't be dark enough, go back and play the witcher 3 and then come and tell me how CDPR are doing it wrong and don't know what they are doing. I also don't care about buying apartments or customizing apartments either (Fallout 4 did the same thing, and to me it got boring and useless real quick). I also don't care about customizing cars for the same reason. To me they are all just gimmicks, they don't determine what makes a good or bad game, or a quality game. Many games don't have these features, just like Cyberpunk 2077. And those that do, i find them to be just window dressing and ticking boxes, it doesn't do much for me in making the games any better. (Looking at you Ubisoft and your Watchdogs and Assassins' Creeds: they get bigger and bigger every time, always cramming in new features and adding new crap, still fails to tickle my balls and make it a day one buy for me, sorry).

I'm still REALLY hyped, will be patiently waiting, and my desire to play Cyberpunk 2077 have never gone down, they have only gone up, up up!

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"Is anyone excited about one of the most hyped game of the entire generation?" Anyway cyberpunk is my favorite genre.

I'm hyped for sure.

Can't wait for my country to put our name on the map with another Game of the Year.


Dying Light.

As someone who comes from PL and is also a gamer, I'm fucking proud and hyped.

Wake up, Samurai.......... We have trophy awards to burn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Poland is great, there are other great games from Poland as well, go look at the impressive google article about it.

Overall I'd say on a country basis, it goes Japan > Poland > US > Rest for dishing out quality games. You can't beat japan though lol.
Reviews are here, I checked this one :
Game is much shorter than TW3 (25h for the story and 25h for the rest)
900 dildos to collect (wtf?)

90 meta, 17/20
Too many bugs
IA is trash

Looks like I'll keep playing TW3 until the next opus

EDIT : Game is 57 Go, the patch added to fix bugs is fucking 49 Go and there are still too many bugs
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