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Favourite JoJo

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I hated how Part 4 made all the manliness that started from part 1-3 lose their muscles Lol

Jotaro in part 3 looked like a god damn Tank

In part 4, he looks like a totally different person Lmao
He went from so muscular... so tall looking... with relatively darker skin color... into so lean.. 195 still but looks shorter Lol... and his skin is how can I say that feels like a rainbow glow hahahaha

I was like what the fuck!!!
I don't want this jotaro!
Bring back the Jotaro with shoulder size of a tank! Lol
I like that one more
I hate how araki nerfed Joseph in part 3. Its not even that his stand is weak, I just feel like araki made him less capable.

Hermit purple is honestly a decent stand when you take into consideration that it conducts hamon and that joseph was, at least in part 2, a hamon master.

I think that part 2 Joseph with hermit purple could easily compete and defeat many of the stand users in part 3. Almost everyone joseph fought was much stronger than him in part 2. He usually wins with his intelligence alone, which is why hermit is such a good stand for him.