Speculations Who will Kizaru and Saturn fight?

What will happen?

  • Luffy fights Saturn and then fights Kizaru

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Since Doflamingo, Cavendish, Corazon, Sabo are in there, it's most likely a Dressrosa poll. Which is around 2014 - 2015.
Reiju’s so popular that she made the top 20 before she was even introduced in the manga :steef:
People forget that the seraphim are still there and once Saturn and Kizaru land in egghead, lucci kaku gonna fight the SHP again ...

Also the BBP boat coming there.

Hard to believe in any 2 vs 1. If Saturn fights, luffy vs Saturn and zoro vs kizaru. If not then luffy vs kizaru, Saturn just watches and zoro fights a seraphim. Also I don't think an admiral gonna fall like that. So probably just small clashes or demonstration of strenght.
Saturn is going to be shown as the highest commander of Seraphims and Has an Admiral on his toes on panel.

The terms of him showing to fight isnt now. Showing who is the boss is better. Though even if Saturn is safe without even fighting, i don't think that Kizaru - Seraphims are not injured.