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Who's least impressive

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That’s easy, all of them. Every single F6 except Drake are filler characters. They provided ZERO value to the story. They weren’t even an obstacle. They were just a stalling tactic.
Whos who is the epitome of talk shit gets hit. Just a massive let down.

Sasaki at least is entertaining with his weird powers

Ulti was most impressive hands down

Page one showed the true defense of a dinosaur so he wasn’t underwhelming.

Page one and Ulti built the hype for ancient Zoans and the Tobi Roppo, Sasaki and whos who killed the hype.
Franky is going to Defeat a Blackbeard Captain, Red Haired Pirate commander in a few months in Verse, how is that shameful?

Or are you going to shit on those crews too when the Middle and Weak Trio defeat them without haki?
Saying he's the least impressive isn't shitting on him... and what Franky is going to do in the future doesn't make losing to him look fine.

Think about it from the perspective of other pirates. Page 1 and Ulti were defeated because Big Mom, one of the Four Emperors, attacked them. If others know that then all they can say is... well she's an Emperor what do you expect? Who's Who was defeated by Jinbei, a former Warlord, even Cp0 figured they might not have to do anything to kill him because that's Jinbei he's fighting. A 3rd tier member of an Emperors' crew losing to a former Warlord? Expected.

Sasaki was defeated by a pirate who everyone would have expected him to run over... thus the least impressive. The man even had help for a good portion of the fight.