Questions & Mysteries Why did blast struggle with a member of boro's species, if he's way stronger then boros?

Why did blast get blitzed by a member of the boros race?

  • Because the fandom is wrong

  • because, that blast was just weaker then boros

  • Cause that member of boro's species is just stronger then boros

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Legit gets blitzed by this member of the boros species

He even fails to hit it with his cannons that or it did no damage

Boros is said, To have abilities beyond his species

I in particular have physical prowess beyond your conception, Meaning his abilities should exceed any boros race member

would of just said, All members of my race/species not me in particular

If there was people on the boros planet stronger then him, Why search the universe? Is boros very stupid?

Nobody could face him, He's the one punch man of the greater of the cosmos that was his character. So for there to be just some rando member of his race who would be stronger makes zero sense