General & Others Why does one piece emphasize non-familial bonds over familial ones?

I think it was Oda who said it once

A responsible nother/father/family is the enemy of adventure, you can't have a reasonable epic adventure, the parents wouldn't allow it

But his bond with those not related by blood are stronger
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Would you entrust your will to someone who’s not related to you?
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Every familial bond is good, some are just misunderstood
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You’re the asshole for cutting them off tbh, now get your ass off the internet and go make up with them. Like you really pissed me off for calling them that when they’re the reason why you exist, some ppl are really…..
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I agree
That's really mean of you and really naive.

There all sorts of damaging families or even hostile/aggressive.

The notion that there's is value in all families just because blood is shared is too unrealistic.
It’s a bit of both isn’t it
Main cast just so happens to be pirates who realistically never had what you would call a regular childhood and so they had to sort out non familial bonds by necessity. At the same time we have good examples of familial bonds in the story . Kyros and his daughter come to mind amongst many others
Oden family
Doffy family before it got bad for them
Vivi and father
Franky and sisters
It's because there are more "sources" of non familial bonds than a familial one.

So the scope is wider, thus Oda/One Piece can satisfy more people.

- Emphasizing familial bond : only wank your family, which is probably only a few dozens people

- Emphasizing non-familial bond : wank your friends, coworkers, strangers, etc, which can go up to hundreds or more.

More people satisfied = more people will view OP positively = better popularity & sales.

To an extent, but I don't think it's exactly "emphasis" rather just more exposure to the non-familiar bonds.

Monkey D. Family's connection is highlighted through the series and is essentially the core. Only reason it doesn't feel as "emphasized" is due to Luffy's personality of not thinking about his father or grandfather or wondering about his mother/grandmother like that. On the other hand if you reverse the series into Garp as the would get constant scenes of him thinking of his son, grandson, wife, etc.

Rogue - Ace
Olivia - Robin
Neptune - his kids
Kyros - Rebecca
Oden - His entire family

All of them are strong familial bonds. However, we're talking about a series of soldiers, pirates, revolutionaries... naturally you're going to get more of a "brotherhood" or non-familial bonds focus since none of the main focused characters are related by blood to a large extent but still a comradery.
Umm do u guys only have bonds with family?? I find it weird that people are framing it as a cringe anime thing or a Japan thing.

we make fun of the whole friendship message cause it's overused but you guys do understand it's completely valid and will follow you for life as a valuable lesson right?
Most popular media have this kind of subliminar message, avatar: the last airbender is a great example of that.
The last airbender where a key focus of the storyline is the blood relations of Iroh-Zuko-Ozai-The Mother- Azula???
Blood relation between Sokka-Katara-Their Father that's constantly highlighted through the series?? And them getting back to him as soon as they can finish the war??
Multiple mini-stories like the one where the Earth Kingdom kid infiltrates the fire ship to save his father???

The Last Airbender is literally one that encourages family-blood bonds, and showcases the deep connection people have towards their parents and siblings. For fucksake, 2 of the 3 MCs are siblings. Then you have Toph has a redemption storyline with her family, where she eventually makes up with her family.
Basically One Piece is intended for "shonen" audience, namely teens and young adults. The time in life when you start watching One Piece is the time when you start saying goodbye to your child-parent relashionships as they were, and start shaping a new adult-to-adult relationship with your parents.

Adolescense is a process through which you tend to lean more to your friend's advice and find yourself in arguments with your parents, until you finally shape your own adult personality.

In One Piece, you can find the same process with many characters with a "father issue" like Ace, Yamato, Sanji and others. Choosing friends over family is what many of the One Piece watchers are experiencing themselves at that specific time in life, so they can relate to it better.

At a later time in life, when you have chosen and established your own family, family becomes more important again.
Well, it’s as some said it’s not just OP that does this, but either way you could also say family members are not(and their characters/personality) not something you can have control of you have to accept as it is while you choose friends depending on the personality that matches you so you have the ability to pick and choose lol.