Powers & Abilities Why is Kidd so clueless about haki

Because Kidd has been treated like trash.

When Luffy was about to learn advanced CoA in Udon, Oda purposely made Kidd left Udon first.
When Luffy was about to learn advanced CoC in Rooftop, Oda purposely made Kidd left Rooftop first.
Because Oda trying hard enough to force the idea that “you can be strong without Haki and only Fruit!!” but fails miserably and ends up having a yonko confirm its wrong too

Kaido contradicted himself, his strongest attack isn't even haki based

What kaido's statement means is that devil fruits aren't necessary to be a top tier
because haki is a poorly thought out power system
Its intentionally made to where its super easy for Luffy to unlock any advanced haki ability he desires while other characters who could rival him don't because they either aren't as talented or are clueless about the existence of advanced haki.

This is why Luffy perpetually gets haki blooms while Oda never has a villain or a rival magically unlock advanced haki, like luffy.