Chapter Discussion why making Eren final FV is lame



Wait do we remember eren wanted to kill off titan bio engineered by marley ?

Reiner ,berthold and annie almost killed their friends.

Now eren is some terrorist who wants to nuke the world . Now eldian and marley are working toghether to bring him down.

Where the f**k author is taking this series? It seems like eren is terrorist maniac lol and it makes zero sense to how he was .
It seems like eren is terrorist maniac lol and it makes zero sense to how he was
No, it's the reaction of Armin, Jean, Mikasa, Connie and Hange that doesn't make sense. Eren is absolutely right.

It's kill or be killed, Willy Tyber and the world have declared war on the Eldians from Paradis Island (the Eldians who were just living quietly on their island.). All the problems in Paradis have come from Mahr and the rest of the world, the attacks of the Titans since the beginning of the's Mahr. There is a visceral anti-Paradis (and just anti-Eldian in fact) hatred from everywhere and the author has shown it very well during post-basement chapters (they even do blood tests to detect if you are Eldian or not).

So Eren chose the radical solution to save his island from destruction/extermination. Since the very beginning of the manga, he is always like that. Exterminate all his enemies. In the beginning it was the Titans, now that the truth has been revealed, the rest of the world is the enemy.

It's the reaction of the Survey Corps that's stupid. They don't realize that if they defeat Eren then the rest of the world will come and exterminate Paradise because Eren has just proved that the Eldians on the island are very dangerous with the colossals.

In fact they're just traitors. They betrayed Eren.