Future Events Will Luffy fight admirals

Sakazuki is a good guy, for crying out loud ace was a pirate, they plunder people. Marines are not the bad guy so I see no reason for Luffy to fight the marines, the only scenario that the strawhat fight the marines is if the marines support the world government, and there would be someone stronger than akaunu who would be reserved for luffy, while akainu might be reserved for sabo because of the magma vs fire stuff
Yeah, he will fight Akainu.

This fight and Luffy vs Blackebard are basically the two fights who are pretty much set in stone, when it comes to Luffy.
I'd like to see Vegapunk, Celestial Dragons, CP-0 and Revs in the next arc with Kizaru as Luffy's main opponent. Location: God Valley.

I've had enough of the pirates. It's time to see Dragon and the World Government.
He should considering Akainu killed Ace but who knows how the last arc will play out. The Revs will play a big part so I expect Dragon or Sabo fighting an admiral.