Speculations Will Nami use Conqueror's Haki in the future?

Will Nami unlock CoC

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CoC: Color of Clowns

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Just remember that Oda teased Zoro’s CoC with a gag

I know it's not the same thing Oda teased Zoro having CoC all the way back in Sabaody.

But we can't be too sure.
Oda loves gags becoming true
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Nami unlocked the potential for CoC when she declared to Ulti that Luffy would be the King of the Pirates, even though Ulti was going to kill her.

Look at Shanks here: dude is smiling before possibly death, just like Luffy. Even though there's a gun to his head, he's not scared at all.

Color of Conquerors comes when people are able to stare death in the face and continue moving forward. Luffy losing his crew terrifies him, but, rather than focus on that fear, he does everything he can to protect the crew, and will never turn his back on them.

IMO, this is the moment Nami unlocked CoC's potential. When she defended Luffy with her life on the line. That's what it means to be a pirate.

Before, Nami was a thief. She would never stand up in front of her enemies, if she knew they were stronger. Jinbei was willing to stand up to Big Mom, despite knowing her power. Franky as well.

Nami vs Ulti was the first time Nami put her life on the line to defend Luffy's dream by verbally challenging an enemy she couldn't beat.



Looks like Ulti might have it, too. Hard to tell who has what these days.
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She may have awakened it against Kaido though.

Kaido said at least “one of you hasn’t let their spirits break”

Spirit implies Conquerors in the series so maybe that was a hint
Ohhh, good point, that's great evidence too.
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