Announcement Worstgen second anniversary year

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Sanji D Goat

gives immediate flashbacks to when @Rosella.Fiamingo won the RNG game bet forcing us to wear these obnoxious Homie admiral avatars a year ago and you had to use imgflip to create a special one for Fujitora. time really flies

Chilli Pepperzuki.

Banana Kizaru.

Ice Cream Aokiji.

And eggplant Fujitora.:vistalaugh:

Remember the falling cows thing? Good time.
And how do we trade?
Dunno, can you even do that? Nvm tho, got Croco pfp after getting 10k likes.
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Man, all y'all blokes got some dope tags. I could have get a Boa tag but instead, I'm here stuck with the Steve Harvey tag.....

Sad life.

And it's been two years already?
Feels like I joined this forum since yesterday.

Thanks Bogard and Dragomir and other staff for making this forum cheerful and lively.:cheers:

Nah bro, don't look down on yourself. You're my drinking buddy.

What's wrong with Boa tag?:choppawhat:

It's easily the best of the bunch.
I don't rlly feel the character y'know


They banned @Bogard specifically for creating a new forum. Then they went after anyone that suggested going to Worst Gen after OJ's announced shutdown date.
That's wild... Bogard doesnt give me "bad guy" vibes. If I were in his shoes, I would have made another place too considering they were shutting the place down. What the heck were we supposed to do, just go down with the ship?
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