Current Events Would you be happy with Luffy defeating Kaido here?

Should Luffy win Round 3 or lose again?

  • Yes Luffy should win

    Votes: 38 71.7%
  • No, its too soon for him to defeat a Yonko 1v1

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Kaido has fought a bunch of people and taken a lot of damage already


-Get cut by Kiku in the hand
-Get pierced together by Ashura,Kinemon,Denjiro in the stomach(Attack Sunachii)
-Crush with full force into the ground
-Get cut in mouth by Kinemon Foxfire Style Flamerend
-Take a attack from Nekomamushi´s Crimson Cat Dance
-Get cut by Kawamatsu´s River of sea
-Get pierced by Inuarashi´s Canine Scourge
-Get cut by Okiku´s Fallen Snow Scythes
-Get cut by Izo´s Slicing rounds
-Take his own boro breath by Raizo counter attack:Scrolling Jutsu Restoration
-Get cut by a combinate attack Paradise Totsuka(Group attack of Kinemon,Denjiro,Ashura and Inuarashi)
-Get pierced by Denjiro in the left body side
-Get punched by Luffy G3 Red Roc(Adv penetration haki)
- Take damage by Zoro´s Purgatory Onigiri
- Take damage by Killer´s Beheading Claws
- Get punched by Luffy G4 Kong gun
- Get squash by Kidßs Punk Vise
- Get attacked by Law Takt via throwing sharp stones at him
- Get punched by Luffy Kong Rifle
- Get hit by Kid Gibson slam
- Take Law´s Gammaknife who was pointed against his heart
- Tank Killer´s Sonic Scythe(internal damage)
- Get kicked by Luffy rio schneider
- Get punched by Luffy Kong Gatling
- Get cut by Zoro Tatsumaki
- Infection shoot by Law
-Get a hit by Law infection shoot
-Get cut by Zoro adv CoC Ashura
-Get punched by Luffy adv CoC+adv CoA in stomach
-Get punched uppercut by Luffy adv CoC+adv CoA
-Tank Yamato adv CoC Thunder bague
-Tank Yamato Himoro Giri
-Get cut by Yamato slice attack
-Get punched by Luffy Snakeman adv CoC Jet Culverin
-In combo he also tank Yamato adv CoC White Snake Rush who attack in a combo with Luffy.
-Luffy's COC punch and G3 attack

So far Kaido tank over 37 Attacks(take in mind Sunachii was a combo attack by all Scabbards, same as a Kong Gatling who hit him multiple times)+(Lot of adv CoC attacks).

--Plus luffy willl get some powerup in g5/awakening so its fine
Most of the damage Kaido took was abudantly almost irrelevant numerically wise loo.
Luffy is going to defeat Kaido right here on his own, the story is pretty much headed down that path, we saw how Oda had the Strawhats defeating the Tobbi roppo and next will be the King and Queen establishing themselves as an emperor crew.

It only makes sense for Luffy to also establish himself as an emperor by defeating Kaido.