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It is both sad and hilarious.

@Poison I haven't yet. I'll check it out now.
ayy it's a great movie. <3
I'll knock at your door. i swear I'll stop eating pran potato crackers as a sign of protest.
I like Penguins. My favourite bird species after eagles and falcons.
<3 <3 they are cute. <3
I think your sister was insulting you but yeah take it Positive :sanmoji:
I'm positive that she was insulting me. but dw I insult her back.
Hey I'm Poison,

Nice to meet you all. I am here mostly because of Mafia but I cannot deny that I was told there are some Haikyuu fans on WG. *evil smirk*

Anyways, I love Penguins. this information is necessary tbh XD

I can talk a lot, at times it's really hard to stop me.

What kind of a weird introduction is this? :catcry::catcry:
Penguins are very cute lol:blush::blush:

Anyway, welcome to WG my friend:cheers:Enjoy the content here:kata:
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