Future Events ZKK chapter number prediction

Ok so after a little bit of research i figured i would throw a reasonable guess for ZKK chapter number
Dawn in japanese is "Yoake" , following oda's puns Yoake = Yon , ku = 4,9
so it's going to be chapter 1049 , also looking up the number 49 in buddhism stuff i found that this number is the number of days of the "intermidiate state" ,
it's basically a state between death and rebirth in buddhism wich i think is linked to Zoro's near death Final strike on Kaido ( gotta read more buddhist stuff)

It's not a solid theory but i tought i would try it out there
I could see it as early as 1028, around the time Monsters turns 27. The idea that Momo will stop the island (within fifteen minutes) and then Kaido will just fight off the shore or something is weird to me.

But if Oda really wants to topple Kaido's underlings and Big Mom, then have him lose a real bout to Luffy it could be another fifteen chapters though.


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That's entirely dependant on whether or not Oda thought about it this way, yeah. I mean he arguably bears the capability to come up with something sophisticated like this because he should possess a great knowledge over these themes and even if he didn't he could look up a great symbology feature for this fantastic event about to come.