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    General & Others The myth of One Piece being a "masterpiece"/"peak fiction"

    It's not peak fiction, but I disagree it's generic. The overall storytelling is average, but the scope of the story is rare and resembles ancient epics. Not in quality, just pure structure. This means every arc plot can be generic, but there can be underlying qualities which still make the story...
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    Future Events Which top tier should Oda reveal next?

    Yes, the Yonko saga and its build-up, not even prime material (!) stretched everything else thin. What a shame.
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    One Piece Episode 1022 - No Regrets - Luffy and Boss, a Master-Disciple Bond

    Great stuff from Toei as always. Reminder that Ulti "knocked out" Luffy at the beginning of the raid. Yes. Yes.
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    Future Events Which top tier should Oda reveal next?

    Dragon or Vegapunk, but not because of power levels. They are the only major players in One Piece whose roles we still don't understand.
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    Forum Discussion: Idea's so not all users have to run into forum toxicity

    I think toxicity is great, what really bothers me is the lack of wit.