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    Questions & Mysteries Anyone else feel like quitting manga/anime altogether after OP ends?

    Nope.. There will always come new anime, manga, manhwa etc so I don't think I'll stop watching and reading anime and manga even after One Piece ends..
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    Character Discussion Does Kizaru have CoC?

    Even if he has it, nothing will change. Only a handful of people can use Conquerors Coating as stated by Kaido.. Chinjao, Doflamingo who have Conquerors wasn't able to do it..Even Hancock ..
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    Speculations Did Sakazuki just saved Luffy?

    This is where I wish Oda actually makes Luffy use all of his haki and instantly stomp on those CP0 clowns.. What's the point of him mastering Internal Destruction, Future Sight , Conquerors Coating if he doesn't use it to stomp fodders..
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    Powers & Abilities Does Zoro have AdvCoC?

    Yes . It looks like he has COC. I don't know if he could coat his attack with it though since the only ones we've seen wielding that insane power is Shanks, WB, Roger, Luffy, Kaido and Big Mom..
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    Powers & Abilities Why Zoro has two advanced Hakis and Sanji doesn't even have one?

    Bruh does Zorro even know he has conquerors haki? And why do you assume he was using ACOC ?? 😂
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    General & Others Wano War Is The Worst War I’ve Ever Read in Any Shone!n

    Kinemon should've died there.. That's my only issue with the arc.. The rest was okay..
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1069 Spoilers Discussion

    Really ? The spoilers ? Just like that ? I mean it's what I expected but damn Lucci just got stomped huh ? Interesting
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    General & Others No future opponent will make Luffy struggle as much as Kaido did

    I just want to see Luffy standing in front of 3 admirals like he did in Marine Ford but this timez he sends them flying.
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1044 Spoilers Discussion

    Nah I prefer the official one. Joyboy : Goofy, funny lumpy character.. Fits the name Joyboy more..