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    Questions & Mysteries Why is Jack called the Drought?

    My headcannon for a while, way back in Zou, was that his “The Drought” title was related to his awakening. From what we saw from Doffy’s awakening in Dressrosa, DF’s affecting the surroundings, I thought there was more to zoan awakenings. That they could affect the environment as well, and...
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    Character Discussion To all of you who hate Oden's character.

    Oden used to bug me. For many of the reasons others have mentioned, but mostly because he felt forced. I feel Oda has never gone out of his way to try and make the fan base swoon over a character as much as he did with Oden. I could’ve bought that Oden was a generational talent and legend...
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    Speculations Why didn’t BM have any Mink children?

    We haven’t received any confirmation but I honestly believe the Charlotte Decuplets are half-human, half dog minks. In the manga they have dots for noses that look like snouts, they don’t in the anime but maybe that got lost in adaptation. I think it makes sense though, imagine the ten of them...
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    Current Events Why is it that X Tobi Roppo gets called the weakest whenever a SH beats them?

    It’s just people trying to process what happens on a weekly basis and trying to justify it. OP is a weekly series and most of us are up to date to what happens week to week, but we’re often left guessing on certain happenings until they’re clarified later down the line. Like when the Scabbards...
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    Current Events Round two?

    I see where you’re coming from, we agree on the Flying Six and their portrayal. I do believe it would be The Beast pirates as a whole coming back, and the Flying Six as a part of that. You’re right though, about it artificially prolonging the arc. But, I can see it having narrative relevance if...
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    Current Events Round two?

    You raise a lot of good points. But ultimately how do you find this turn of events? Don’t you find it lackluster or just par for the course? My line of reasoning is the culmination of three expectations. First struggle(in the fights), setting(war), story(twist). The Jinbe fight is up to your...
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    Current Events Round two?

    Are the Tobi roppo done? Out of the ones currently involved in fights with the SHs, Who’s who, Sasaki, and Black Maria, it looks to be that they’re getting taken out one after the other. But are they out for good, or are they coming back with a prehistoric vengeance? I’m not gonna lie, I want...
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    Powers & Abilities What is conquerors haki exactly?

    Weird that it seems that way, cause I was wracking my brain looking for the appropriate words and phrases to explain Haki. That’s on me then, I should’ve paid more attention to what you wrote down. But here’s what I did write that can be similar to what you were looking for.
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    Powers & Abilities What is conquerors haki exactly?

    Haki is the secondary power system of One Piece and Devil fruits are the primary power system. But Haki is similar to the power systems of your traditional shounen manga it’s an innate ability that can be trained to strengthen one’s self and it allows you to sense other people and their...
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    Character Discussion Yamato general discussion

    Yamato isn’t Oden but identifies herself as such. You can’t become another person, but you can approximate that person to the best of your ability. Much like with Yamato emulating Oden in both character and action. Sorry but someone being transgender and thinking someone is transgender are...
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    Character Discussion Yamato general discussion

    I don’t understand why people immediately assume, or justify, that Kaido and his posse refer to Yamato using male pronouns as a sign of respect. Maybe Kaido always wanted a son and when he had a daughter he forced it upon her to be a boy. Yamato in turn rebelled by deciding that if she was going...
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    General & Others Some High Quality panels of OP manga (984~)

    These are awesome! Can you post the page from ch.994 with Hamlet and Fourtricks, as well as this weeks page with Poker and Mizerka?
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    Character Discussion Luffy and other mc

    I’d pay to see it. Luffy meeting Guts from Berserk. Luffy would probably eat Gut’s food and then slap him on the back and tell him to cheer up.
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    Speculations Yamato probably has a Tiger DF

    This is a really cool idea! I hope it comes true. I’d hoped to see more diverse Zoans when it came to the beast pirates.