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    Speculations What if Luffy recruited Killer instead of Zoro?

    Killer is one of my favorite characters. Smart, strong, great fighting style. Any captain would be happy to have him. But seeing as Luffy never listens (Kidd actually does listen to a certain degree and doesn't always choose the most dangerous route) Killer would have died in Alabasta and that...
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1038 Spoilers Discussion

    Alright. Have we seen it before or has Hawkins spoken about it?
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1038 Spoilers Discussion

    Sounds like hype! Several possibilities regarding who it could be Lurking legend Hidden Kaido member Ace CP-0 Killer or Brooke (hallucination) Grim Reaper (like Klaubaterman) What if the Grim Reaper is the lurking legend only showing himself to a select strong few almost at deaths door...
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    Character Discussion Who will Luffy fight in Elbaf

    I suppose Loki could be able to win against Luffy seeing as he is a trickster and that's Luffys worst possible match up (Moria, Foxy, Ceasar) as stated by Zoro. We've seen it before that most strawhats struggle against tricksters with Yeti Cool Brothers, Perona, Monet, Law, Miss Valentine and so on.
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    Character Discussion Kizaru is a complete psychopath and by far the most dangerous admiral

    Crocodile is not a psychopath, he is a man aiming for a prize and is rather ruthless but he clearly has compassion and can be reasoned with.
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    Character Discussion Oda overshadows Eustass Kid's potential?

    Kidd will come good. The moment he truly arrives at the top Luffy won't call him "Jaggy" but Eustass or Kidd and it will be the same the other way around (Monkey or Luffy, not Strawhat). It would show that they truly acknowledge one another.
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    Speculations Why Coby might defeat Boa Hancock

    What? Aokiji=>Fujitora>Doffy>Law>Vergo>Smoker
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    General & Others Bounty Discussion and Speculation

    Luffy: 3.5 billion Leading alliance and defeating Kaido (with help) +2B --- Zoro: 1.82 billion Defeating King and ZKK +1.5 --- Sanji: 1.33 billion Yamato: 1 billion Defeating Queen, defeating Ulti + being Kaidos daughter +1 --- Jinbe: 938 million Robin: 630 million Franky: 594 million...
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1037 Spoiler Discussion

    Could it be soul (last stage of haki)? Blood, Bones, Muscle, Soul.
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    Speculations Some Speculation on the future Doflamingo - Crocodile Alliance & their Final Resolution

    Instead of walk of shame it would be fitting if Luffy set them free upon the condition they work for the benefit of Dressrosa/Alabasta. And if they act up then Luffy, WSM and Pirate King would take them down himself. And even if he was busy WSS Zoro could do it, or Sanji
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    Questions & Mysteries Why King got his real name revealed but Queen and Jack didn't?

    It will come, they need to save some to sell data books. We are yet to get Queen Jack Who's Who Pica Diamante Trebol Senor Pink Ryokugyu Killer Pinkbeard Brownbeard And probably some more that I'm forgetting
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    Speculations Your expectation for One Piece in 2022

    Information about Uranus, perhaps Momonosuke is Uranus? Shanks makes his move. Something sinister? BB steals what he was after, perhaps Big Moms poneglyph? Katakuri dead? Aokiji tries to stop BB and fails, perhaps 2025 or something like that though. Kaido defeated by Luffy for the most part...
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    Powers & Abilities What's the most underwhelming LOGIA fruit?

    Anyone can become a monster with Magma or Lightning-fruits, the powers are just that incredible. But that doesn't make for example the Sand-fruit weak. It's up to the users imagination to utilize it's possibilities. Sand is made out of rock and minerals, what if Crocodile found a way to make...
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1036 Spoilers Discussion

    Logue Town - Smoker defeat Whiskey Peak - "drugged/out of it" Little Garden - Miss Valentine defeat Aokiji - defeat Water 7 - defeat Kizaru Sabaody - defeat Marineford - defeat Monet - defeat