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    Break Week Missed Detail from Kidds “oneshot”

    Kidd and killer wishes their crew killer was half as faithful as you bro :suresure: for what it’s worth I’m pretty sure shanks was the only one capable of stopping Kidd in that moment.
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    Break Week Who else enjoying "Kid coming back" cope threads?

    Ok so they come back and what? Oda already had a chance in wano to focus on both of them extensively and he didn’t. They get a small cover story are a few panels here and there for fan service at best.
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    Break Week Who else enjoying "Kid coming back" cope threads?

    Kidd fans are sounding worse than Kaido fans at this point. His role in the story is over wether he is “dead” or not is irrelevant.
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    Speculations The Kidd Pirates will get a brand new ship in Elbaf

    wano was his comeback story. Kidd pirates are no more.
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    Character Discussion Kid is going to join Cross Guild

    It would feel like he’s just being forced in somewhere to be relevant again tho. Idk why any Kidd fan would want that.
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    General & Others Will Kidd have a training arc/sub arc?

    This was a clear execution of Kidds character wether he’s dead or alive. There is no coming back to relevance now.
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    Character Discussion Is Eustass Kid done for?

    There is no coming back from this lol. Oda even had dory and brogy on clean up crew for good measure.
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    Future Events Realistically where does Kidd go from here?

    I know the track record of one piece says otherwise, but I feel like he’s not coming back….
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    One Piece Chapter 1,076: " Old Friends "

    Didn’t Kidd mention something about a looking for a guy with the burn scar? Interesting to see how this conflict on Elbaf plays out.
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    General & Others Oda's interview regarding G5

    I find these comments a bit contradictory to his recent statements about wanting to draw a hype ending to the story, but I guess we all have different interpretations of what is hype. Oda has the right to do whatever he wants with his manga even if I personally find it a bit disappointing.
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1048 Spoilers Discussion

    Kaido copying his 1st commander lol. I hope he has one more attack.
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1048 Spoilers Discussion

    So no reference to another attack based on the wisdom kings?