stop spying ningens
Oct 16, 1996 (Age: 26)


I think im just going to post as the Ultimate Warrior in response if ratchet addresses me with this centre aligned maid tomfoolery
That's why it's the only legitimate one.

All these cutesy "I need to collect 10 McMuffin" ass Indi roles can fuck off

Survivors can fuck off

"Pro" ""Town"" (((indies))) can go back in the trash where they belong

In fact whenever an indie like you or flower is encounter everyone should drop what they're doing immediately and have a truce to eliminate you on the spot until all traces of such bullshit are wiped off the face of mafia
Ekko is a good player. Even if some say otherwise. And even though we argue a lot, he sometimes has good points. He‘s polite, and most of the time means no harm. He also loves chaos and makes bold moves at times. Though he does drive me crazy…a lot…he also helped me get revenge multiple times for when I was spited and such. For that I thank him.

Generally I would say he‘s one of my favourite players. Though it‘s quite frankly…adorable…how he tries betraying his factions multiple times just to get wiped. That made me laugh, though, so it‘s also enjoyable ~.

Overall I say his way of writing is also fun. Especially the u and bk. I have no idea how his logic works, sometimes, though, but it‘s funny anyway.

And then there‘s the legend of the great kek. The myth, the great story…of the legendary hero Kekkologix who lives on Sniper Island with his brother Usoppologix. The kek just brightens the day, puts a smile on everyone‘s faces. Is it a bird? Is it a dragon? No, it‘s a kek. A simple three letter word with an impact bigger than the crater Law made with Puncture Wille. Legend has it the great hero shall return…in the darkest hour of Town…and save it from those scoundrels from Scumlandia.
Lindltaylor said:
You people just don't understand!! YOU NEVER UNDERSTOOD ANYTHING!!! I was ALONE! AFRAID!


But I still scum hunted for you (a little) I tried to be among you!! But YOU DISCRIMINATE THIRD PARTIES!! You absolute rejects!! Why do you shun us??? We are not different!!


You despicable townies!! You have no idea what it is like to hide among you!! You jail us, you hunt us down like animals, and then you pretend to be the good guys?!!?!


We all saw it!! Everyone saw it!! The Jailor happily killed the investigator, Rej, cause he had a bro argument with T-pein!! Poor Rej suffered and screamed town until his last breath. You didn't even protect T-pein after you killed Rej WTF?! Rej died for nothing!!

You even have stalkers among you!! Look at Lighto and his long list of stalked victims. He stalked every goddamn night!! Can you believe the audacity of this man. He doesn't even wanna take a break from his privacy invasive hobby. HE STALKED ME!! TWICE!! YOU GONNA JAIL HIM FOR THAT?? HUH, KAGURA??


You can go to the bathroom whenever you want, kill whomever you want, and call them scummy when ever you want. When we do it?? Look at Drago defiling dead bodies!! I can bet your ass he ain't gonna bury them back once he's done with them. I'm sure he took a finger, eyeball or head home with him.

That same dead body defiler has sent a pirate to loot a poor executioner!! TACy has lied, has tried to lynch another player, and has lied again. But you must understand that he's a Yandere!! But you guys discriminate, so how would you understand??


Yo tan the mayor!! I won't forgive you for stealing my office. You may have won this election but know that you won it through brutal corruption. I will have my revenge and take up office!!


The dead townies have no shame. Look at Prof who died a noble security boy only to come back as a prostitute and distract others. Hell, you have shooters among your own people. Just look at Mango and Xlaw! Show me the license for those guns first, then we'll talk.

You even have doctors slacking on the job and you don't bother to get them out first. Instead you harass poor pediatrics like Sallu.

How many people did Lanji protect??
*Looks at the number of dead townies*
Yeah looks like the number is 0. Huh, who knew?

Poor Novas and Ekko are rolling in their graves. Ripped died twice. Damn, as if dying once wasn't enough, they cared for him so much that he died again the very next night!

To the rest of the townies. Your own townies will betray you like this! Join us! Help us! We will give you satisfaction beyond your wildest dreams!


We kill indiscriminately. We stalk and douse indiscriminately. We are the true holders of equality. We should be leading this town!!

I SPREAD THE PLAGUE!! NO I DIDN'T!! YES I DID! NO IT WAS NOT ME!! WAS IT?? I-I don't remember. All I know is that some mad man called Nick was out here on day 1 spreading a weird sickness he came down with. Clearly someone who didn't follow lockdown rules. He did inspire me though.

You wanna know how he died? If you guessed not the Jailor, then you're right. A pirate? Yes! Third party to save the day! Woohoo Krogo!

Last night I went to this "survivor's" house who was wearing some dominatrix outfit calling it a vest. Another pervert among your midst!! I was so shocked I vomited on him and came out!!

And guess what?? Lighto saw that too. I bet he's the one who kept parking his car in my drive way! I can't even take my car out bro. I called the cops, when I told them to lynch Light for privacy invasion, but instead he had already bribed them!!

Now I stand before you after such a painful journey. Only last night was different. When I came back, I became someone better. Something stronger!! I was.... INVINCIBLE!!

So have it in your heart to punish the true evil of this town. Not a minority group that has weird fetishes and kinks. Let's make this town great again!!

Since you've read this far. How about voting Innocent :neesama:


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