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    General & Others On a scale of 1-10 How Close are you to Dropping One Piece?

    A temporary drop is an entirely mature thing to do. One Piece is better designed to be binged after all. Waiting ~30 months before reading again is ultimately doing yourself a favor, even if you're a big fan of One Piece.
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    General & Others On a scale of 1-10 How Close are you to Dropping One Piece?

    Well then a couple more for the sake of your comment: Lucci was defeated because Usopp was there at Enis Lobby, to remind Luffy that the world isn't hell. In the Water Seven Saga, more than any other story arc, Luffy is given the impression that he cant trust other people. Lucci's character is...
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    Chapter Discussion 1052 Has Some Of The Worst Character Writing In The Story

    He (His group in broad terms) defeated Kaido. He, personally, was also likely instrumental in this, given how he took out he one person who could've maybe helped Kaido in the final clash.
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    Character Discussion What can Greenbull even do at this point in time?

    If Kaido is alive, maybe Greenbull could seal Kaido into a tree forever, like demons of old in japanese folklore. You know... Given how he seems to have plant powers. I think that would be a marginally better end than Kaido drowning in Lava.
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    Chapter Discussion 1052 Has Some Of The Worst Character Writing In The Story

    He defeated Apoo's boss. But yeah; that shouldn't be enough for Kidd, Oda. This is bad writing. Oda's priorities on full display. He loves that bath scene and desperately wanted a contrast to excuse how weird Yamato being in the men's bath would be. Don't know how I'd solve this to my own...
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    General & Others On a scale of 1-10 How Close are you to Dropping One Piece?

    I was a 4. After the end of this arc though, it might've climbed to an 8. Oda had the opportunity to create greatness with the finale of the Wano arc, but in the end, Luffy won because of a bullshit power that wasn't foreshadowed. His enemy, whose defining belief and defining symbolism was...
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    Character Discussion Why does Akainu have so many fans?

    It's because being an authoritarian hardass is so diametrically opposite to our main character Luffy, and at such an opposite end of the spectrum, that the inversion ends up looking rather fascinating. Moreover, more commonly than Luffy, people like Akainu can be found all over the place in real...
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    Character Discussion Did Ace and Yamato smash?

    The options at the top are cancer. If we're being realistic in adding sex to these scenes, they would've had a one night stand during the incredibly brief period Ace was on Inogashima, with promises that they'd be something a bit more on his inevitable return and after Kaido's death, but life...
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    Speculations Signs of Kaido's Impending Defeat

    He's still smiling and having a good time. And the portrayal is still pretty even. It's been proceeding for a while, and the end is finally in sight, but we're far from arriving. And I have trust in my 7 signs. This sentence confuses me. He probably will awaken, but even if Kaido doesn't, I...
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    Speculations Signs of Kaido's Impending Defeat

    1. A tyrant can not be disposed until he no longer controls his land (Momonosuke must be the one lifting up Onigashima) 2. The Oni(Kaido) will only get taken down when Momotaro(nosuke) teams up with the Dog(Yamato), the Monkey(D. Luffy) and the Pheasant(Marco). 3. Before the Dragon is slain...
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    Questions & Mysteries "My audience will not be satisfied if Luffy defeats Kaido just because his punch is so strong"-Eichirro Oda [Paraphrased]

    The more I look at it, the more it seems as if the only possibility for Kaido's defeat comes from Momonosuke dropping Onigashima on him and pinning him under the water with it.
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    Chapter Discussion Everybody that cried about “Joyboy taking over Luffy” hold this L.

    I'll also admit to the loss. My own opinion was more along the lines fo "Nika has taken over Luffy", but it's the same difference, and probably similarly wrong at this point. It's a little disappointing that a plot like that didn't actually commence, since I feel that no other drawback can...
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    Speculations Is Big Mom ko for Real ?

    Since the announcer declared a victor, Big Mom might have been knocked out however: 1. Big Mom would not have died from that attack 2. Big Mom never admitted defeat within that sequence 3. Big Mom basically vowed that this wasn't the last that they'd see of her 4. Big Mom still has allies and a...
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    Future Events Kaido won't die

    Originally, Wukong was the strongest under the heavens and essentially the main enemy of heaven and a dictator. In a way, he was an existence similar to Kaido. Before the events of Journey to the West, Buddha beat him and trapped him under an enormous mountain, the 5 phases mountain, which...
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    Future Events Kaido won't die

    I prefer his undying body being trapped under Onigashima while also mostly submerged in the water. It ties up the whole "Floating Onigashima" plot a little bit better, has extra mythological context (Wukong), seems slightly more possible than Luffy permanently transforming someone into rubber...