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    Future Events Cp0 vs BMP

    Yes this what i really like to happen, that would really cool if oda use bmp got beaten by cp0 and ssg to hype them up to proven why is they are worthy to replace warlord, this is also add another reason for big mom to retreat from wano to save her cilhildren
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    One Piece Chapter 1027: Danger Beyond Imagination

    What a banger chapter for zoro vs king as expected from YC1 who low diff marco, this fight has the potential to be the most brutal one zoro had:cheers: Btw im surprised that sanjitard expectation for zoro is so high:usoprice: but dont worry zoro wont disappoint u. :myman: YC1 tier update...
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    Character Discussion Top 5 cringe One Piece characters?

    1. Oden 2. yamato 3. Brook 4. Judge 5. Boa
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    Current Events What is your take on Oda having Luffy Sky splitting with Kaido?

    Its cool but im just not hyped again after the last time oda fake hype the last clash and offscreened the entire battle then there is no high stake in this war either everything go smoothly towards easy win.
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    Questions & Mysteries Sanji’s Admiral fight

    I really doubt Eos sanji an admiral level, but if he is maybe ryokugyu and if he really have df zoan it suits his fight style with sanji like the fight with jyabura
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    Speculations What will Hiyori's Role in Onigashima be?

    If the shilloutte person is hiyori then i can see the scenario when she is assisting the alliance by some way to fight againts kaido like healing zoro when the drug effect is finished after the fight vs king is done, the climax battle against kaido will take place at flower capital after all.
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    Questions & Mysteries Will the SH's witness Zoro vs Mihawk?

    Nah, their battle will be legendary battle like akainu vs aokiji they will choose inhabitant island and the aftermath the island will cut into several pieces of island
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    Break Week Which monster trio would you prefer

    I prefer the new trio conqueror they sounds really cool, but monster trio is cool too and i believe oda will still represent the classic monster trio
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1024 Spoilers Discussion

    Current manga; luffy=zoro>yamato>sanji I will put yamato to zoro and luffy level when kaido really serious and beat her like omni man beat the shit out of his son
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1024 Spoilers Discussion

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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1024 Spoilers Discussion

    YAMATO HAS COC TOO, HOLYSHIT... :myman: If she join the crew Im calling it now;:cheers: Conqueror trio: Luffy-Zoro-Yamato The new monster trio: Jinbe-sanji-franki
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1024 Spoilers Discussion

    If yamato joins; Conquerors trio: luffy-zoro-yamato New monster trio: jinbe-sanji-franki :steef:
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    General & Others Absolutely nothing has happened in Wano, just lame fairy tail type fights.

    Yup this is the worst arc in one piece, Just erase roofpiece chapter that would be the 100% trash
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    Future Events Zoro and Sanji are going to have the same bounty post Wano

    If oda gonna make zoro/sanji bounty as gag again as before i can see it they are close enough, but if he's being serious knowing zoro's feats during the raid the gap is big
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    Questions & Mysteries The percentage of chance that Zoro will kill Kaido ??

    With the narrative story and forshadowing i put 50/50 bcuz this is shonen manga with predictable story where the mc shine the most, just remeber for zkk believer shonen>good story i learned my lesson with AOT ending