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    Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 4 Training Arc Discussion

    It started May 12th on Crunchy Roll for those wondering.
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    Just caught up to Kaiju no. 8 anyone read it and have thoughts

    I just started the anime and will check out the manga soon. I'm really liking the anime so far.
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    Character Discussion Why Hancock Is Weak

    She is strong, but Black Beard is stronger, that's all there is to it. Also, Black Beard did a sneak attack on her while she was preoccupied with Coby. He wouldn't have had to do that if she wasn't strong. Black Beard is on par with Luffy in strength. That should be obvious by now.
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    Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 4 Training Arc Discussion

    Zenitsu's meltdown after Nezuko saying Inosuke was hilarious, and learning why she did that was also hilarious.
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    Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 4 Training Arc Discussion

    Okay, we are now on season 4 of this amazing anime, so I thought I put up a topic for any fans that wants to discuss it. Talk about favorite scenes, characters etc... The art is glorious as par usual, and I really enjoyed the Hashira moments. It was awesome to see Sanemi and Obanai fighting...
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    Break Week How LARGE do you want the Final War to be?

    Not too big honestly, because of Oda's tendency to create useless, uninteresting Mary Sue characters that do not enhance or further the story, and solely exist to waste time. Knowing that, if there is a big final war arc, expect to shift through 100+ irrelevant characters and their back stories...
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    Character Discussion Thoughs on Rob Lucci?

    He has a cool design but he should go away or die already. He is no longer relevant at all.
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    Controversial Crunchy > Chewy

    Well yeah, if you're buying that processed garbage! Homemade chewy gooey cookies are the best.
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    Character Discussion Yamato doesn't deserve as much hate as she gets

    She is the very definition of a Mary Sue She is obnoxious af She is a random shoehorned in character that Oda just pulled out of his ass She is boring and in no way enhanced the story, in fact her bullshit dragged the story out even longer than necessary I honestly hated her to a point...
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    Manga Discussion Demon Slayer is the best selling manga in the US for 2023

    Demon Slayer is number one in sales and ratings for a reason. Excellent from start to finish with great characters. I think we should start a season 4 (May 12th Yasss!) countdown or at least an updated thread for season 4. The reason it's not talked about as much on here is that Demon Slayer's...
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    Anime Discussion Top Five Antagonist

    Muzan Doffy Hisoka Aizen Yohan Technically, Light Yagami isn't a protagonist as the story is from his point of view, but he was a fascinating villain none the less.
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    Controversial Are you a fan of the recap episodes

    No, not at all. However, I know they exist to avoid filler episodes.
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    JJK 256 Spoilers

    Yes! Hyped that Yuji is back in the fight! The other's can go away now. Yuta can come back though. And again, wtf is Hakari.
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    Questions & Mysteries What Fell off

    Attack on Titan owns this thread.
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    Did vinland saga s2 suck?

    If you're only into "fight scenes" yes. If you're into character development and story progression No.