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    Future Events Marco will join the Big Mom Fight with Kidd, Law and a few Others.

    Hopefully we see more from him aside from just getting overwhelmed to the Calamities and Perospero. The dude having just a bit more in the tank left after healing Zoro but trusting the defeat of the Hybrid Calamities to Zoro and Sanji would be great. Rather than just using him to hype up them...
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    Speculations What would do you do if the Mihawk wanted is bigger than the Shanks?

    I'd be pretty surprised that a guy without a crew has a bounty that high but stuff happens, I'd continue reading. I don't think that'll be the case because, again, Mihawk doesn't have a crew so his threat level with be solely due to strength and regardless of how crazy strong he is, I think...
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    Future Events Kid and Law are going to make Big Mom serious in battle like Luffy does with Kaido

    Yeah, I agree. I think Kid and Law taking on Big Mom fits since they're still up and running. Big Mom originally had her focus on Kid till the Tama stuff so it makes sense she goes back to fighting him and Law outright said he's looking for Big Mom and since Zeus already made it to Big Mom's...
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    Character Discussion Top 10 favorite female characters?

    1.Vivi-I liked her interactions with the Straw Hats, especially Luffy and how they advised each other like when Luffy was being reckless about the Nami being sick situation and when Vivi was being too optimistic about the situation in Alabasta. Still wish she could've joined the crew but it's...
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    Speculations Does genetics determine who your fav is

    I think it's simply appreciation for different aspects in a character. I like Sanji's past and his compassion that he developed as a result of his experience of almost starving. I admire his dedication to Zeff and I respect his ability to stick to his virtues despite the circumstances whereas...
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    Speculations Round 2 Mugis (without Luffy and Zoro) and Yamato vs Kaido

    Would be cool since Kaido is free but the Straw Hats probably wouldn't even be able to face home since they're busy. Eve if they could, it would just be Kaido fooling around and/or destroying them.
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    Chapter Discussion ONE PIECE CHAPTER 1013: THE ANARCHY IN THE BM

    End of the chapter was pretty exciting with Kid saving the Straw Harts and starting a solo fight against Big Mom (Law will be there soon enough for a 2v1). Props to Kid for the Punk Gibson! Guess Luffy's gonna need Yamato or Momo to save him. Luffy did pretty well for facing Kaido for a bare...
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    Questions & Mysteries How Do You feel about Zoro and Sanjis Moments Post Timeskip?

    I liked most of their big moments in all the arcs they were in but of course they could've shown us more. Sanji following through with those clashes would've been nice, like him actually getting a 1v1 until the end of the fight (atleast we have Hell's Memories frying Wadatsumi). Zoro's are fine...
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    Speculations Sanji, Jinbe and Yamato vs. King, Queen and Jack (3v3)

    I think Jimbei could beat wounded Jack if they fought now but Jimbei's busy with Who's Who and he actually has history with that guy. Plus, we haven't even got to see that fight yet, I'd like to witness it and fight out Who's Who's past. Yamato facing a Calamity isn't impossible (Jack) but...
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    Chapter Discussion About Yamato helping out Luffy vs Kaido

    Yamato heading straight for the roof is pretty likely. The theory that Jack will face her before that is only becuase some people, like myself, don't see Inu beating Jack and if he loses someone will have to take down the guy so Yamato seems like a possible candidate. Yamato's been itching for a...
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    Questions & Mysteries Who are gonna be the opponents for Brook and chopper.

    I think Carrot and Chopper teaming up would be nice. All depends on how successful Neku is in going after Perospero. But yeah, Chopper's Monster Point won't last forever.
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    Questions & Mysteries Who are gonna be the opponents for Brook and chopper.

    I hope Chopper takes on some of the Numbers. Usopp too. Brook seems to still be in the Black Maria fight. Perhaps he'll do some more fighting once that's done, we'll see.
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    Powers & Abilities Why Mihawk is the second strongest character in One Piece.

    Mihawk being top 3 of the major known players in the world right now seems pretty reasonable.
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    Future Events Don’t have any expectations for Yamato

    If Yamato faces a strong opponent on the way to the roof, I'll be content. Honestly, I kinda expect her to be cheering on Luffy but also to act as quite a distraction to Kaido. Will she be helpful in that fight in a strength-sense? Maybe, she seems strong but it's Kaido. Best I see is her...