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    Powers & Abilities Luffy's right hand man and left hand man learned ACOC earlier than him

    Usually when a character's imbuing their attacks with Conqueror's haki, it's highlighted. I don't think Jimbei has it, seems more like very proficient armament haki. Kinda hard to differentiate at times since black lightning isn't even unique to haki, let alone Conqueror's haki. As for the...
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    Character Discussion Anybody else still thinks other female characters are more beautiful/cuter than Hancock?

    Boa's easily one of the most beautiful but I wouldn't place her as unquestioned number 1. Nami, Robin, Reiju, Tashigi, Margaret and quite a few others (maybe Hiyori and Viola) compete with her or are more beautiful. Obviously in the One Piece world, her and Shirahoshi are considered the most...
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    Current Events In 3 Quick Chapters, Oda Ruined The Portrayal Of The Marines, Dragon, And Mihawk

    Dragon's not perfect but I wouldn't say his hype has been ruined. He's still Sabo's superior and he's been getting more focus lately than usually so I still expect big things from him. That flashback left me hopeful Oda will continue exploring his character and him seemingly being the one to...
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    One Piece King of Predictions Tournament - Goat Edition!

    Miracle question!😘 (7 pts) - Which chapter will we see Strawhats vs CP0? 1068. I suppose. We'll see.
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    One Piece King of Predictions Tournament - Goat Edition!

    1. Will we see the Vegaforce fighting? Yes. 2. Will at least one of the Strawhats be fighting? Yes. 3. Will the real Kuma arrive at Egghead? No. Not yet. Kuma's bubble teleportation or whatever seems to take a while. 4. Will the real Kuma start talking? No. 5. Will we see the Revolutionary Army...
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    Controversial In other manga a son/student usually surpasses their father/teacher

    I thought this was a Dragon hype thread from the title. Shame it's not, I hope Dragon's performance in the future is spectator and I wouldn't mind him still being above Luffy overall for a bit.
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    Chapter Discussion One Piece Chapter 1067 Punk Records

    I'm confident Oda will do Dragon justice from here on out. He's been getting a good deal of panels lately compared to prior. Nice to see him show more emotion and I hope we get a fleshed out flashback from him and Kuma. Vegapunk's been alright and I hope he continues to reveal and expand on...
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    Character Discussion Doubling down on the Smoker hype.

    I have high hopes for both Coby and Smoker. I expect Smoker to be in the Commander range, strength-wise, next time he shows off. Him being an Admiral in like an epilogue wouldn't be too crazy but seeing how far the story is, I don't really expect him to give non-holding back Luffy serious trouble.
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    Future Events Ryokugyu and Fujitora Are Conqueror’s Haki Users

    I think Akainu, Aokiji and Fujitora will display it but I don't think Aramaki has it. He's alright and reasonably independent but I haven't seen much comparable to Fujitora doing his best to showcase the flaws in the Warlord system and have it dismantled even when pressured by Akainu to stop his...
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1067 Spoilers Discussion

    I feel like him being simply a clone would kinda make it more likely but yeah, not too much to worry about, Oda seems to get too attach to some of his characters to simply let them die. Sadly.
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1067 Spoilers Discussion

    Dragon may seem unconcerned with Luffy at times (not talking about him with Iva when the new bounties came in though to be fair, Sabo had already shown him) but him saving him at Loguetown and saying and his words after Luffy hit 300 million make me think he may show some pride in Luffy when...
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1067 Spoilers Discussion

    I'm kinda worried for Shaka to be honest. The regular Vegapunk didn't seem quite as worried about death and even asked Luffy to take him with him if I'm interpreting the translation correctly whilst Shaka was mentioning seeing his own death approaching. I don't know but with there being original...
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1067 Spoilers Discussion

    I will never understand why Oda gave Lucci that beard. :whitepress: Hopefully CP0 show off. It's been 2 years and some months, Lucci being comparable to Commanders shouldn't be too weird, he was a prodigy, plus spent years(?) undercover for a single mission (this is to say, rather than actual...
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    Future Events Will Zoro surpass Shanks bounty EoS?

    Mihawk has 3.5 with just his strength so Zoro being stronger and being the top Commander of the Straw Hat crew should garner him one comparable to Shanks. I'll bet on yes, Luffy will surpass Roger's bounty, Zoro surpassing Shanks' doesn't seem too wild.
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    Questions & Mysteries Is Sanji cracking hes leg again ?

    He has the exoskeleton so if Oda wants to hype his arc opponents, him breaking bones seems reasonable but I doubt his legs will break. Queen twisted him like a preztel so his Blackbeard Pirate opponent may break some bones (probably more like pre-timeskip with ribs breaking seeing as Sanji...