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    Chapter Discussion Kizaru has Luffy looking kind of shook. Greenbull must be a bum.

    If GB was a bum ..Luffy wouldn't bring his top 3.
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    Character Discussion Do you prefer the original Blackbeard Pirates, or the Impel Down Recruits?

    I like the OG group more .. 1) Laffitte 2) Van Auger 3)Burgess
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    Jujutsu Kaisen 226 SPOILERS

    Damn Sukuna did GOATjo dirty this chapter... but GOATjo ended up with the W... he kept up with a full power Sukuna inside MS, that's amazing.
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    Character Discussion Fujitora vs GreenBull: More than meets the eyes | Deeper look at Aramaki's Ideology

    Great Thread ... I also think there's more to his character, I like how you highlighted the fact that they seemingly know each other very well.. like Issho knew Aramaki was fasting and Aramaki knew Issho went to see Vegapunk...personally I have never seen the C3 have This type of interactions...
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    Happy Birthday Sir

    Happy Birthday Sir
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    Future Events The next battle is quite obvious.

    I can see it happening . It would be a good occasion to introduce Seraphims to old Shichibukai since Blackbeard, Hancock and Jinbei already encountered ones . so I think the Marine side would be with S - Crocodile and S - Moria. The other reason why I can see it happening it's the fact that CG...
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    Character Discussion Sanji might fight Avalo Pizarro.

    I always thought Sanji would fight Laffitte... imo in terms of competence and portrayal the trio Shiliew - Laffitte - Van Augur looks like the counterpart of Beckman Roux - Yasopp trio. Avalo Pizarro is also a good option but since Post War Laffitte threatened to kill him and he stayed quiet...
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    Questions & Mysteries If Mihawk stopped fighting Shanks after he lost an arm, why would he fight a swordsman blind from one eye????

    I think it's mostly because Shanks was a lefty , when Shanks lost his dominant arm Mihawk knew it wouldn't be the same.
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    General & Others Who is your favorite Admiral?

    I like all the admirals but my fav are Sakazuki and Aramaki.
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    Fanclub The V̶i̶n̶s̶m̶o̶k̶e̶ Sanji FC: The Prince of love

    I still want it to be Laffitte, I think it won't be good writing if Teach top 2 strongest subordinates are ID prisonners, at least one of them should be from the original crew and Laffitte fits the best. I can't wait to see his DF and abilities, we will have a better idea, but their fruits...
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    Character Discussion Sanji might fight Avalo Pizarro.

    It will be whoever BBP trying to hurt Pudding... But Avalo Pizarro abilities is sick tho.
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    Speculations Blackbeard Top 3 commanders

    Shiryu Laffitte Avalo Pizarro
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    Chapter Discussion Hara's masterpiece of characterisation - Great General Kanki (part 2)

    This part is my favourite at least for now lolz, it makes me like Kanki character even more... to me every points are accurate, he was a very misunderstood individual but ironically he could understand others, i can't believe he was often compared to Mangoku. The fact that he did a tribute to...
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    Chapter Discussion Hara's masterpiece of characterisation - Great General Kanki (part 1)

    Great thread as always , your character analysis is on point... thanks for tagging me.. can't wait to read part 2 and 3. Kanki was my favourite, I swear i don't have no interest for the others characters like I did for him. At least He died a real G , hope Hara won't draw Zhao soldiers playing...