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    Chapter Discussion Jujutsu Kaisen, Chapter 260: Inhuman Makyou Shinjuku Showdown, Part 32

    If Gege just pair Todo with Higurama...
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    Spoiler JJK 260

    Damn I feel sorry for Choso, my guy. Todo deserved the big bro spot.
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    Chapter 257: Inhuman Makyou Shinjuku Showdown, Part 29

    Maki should learn from Ryu. She has the best stealth property but decide to go face-to-face with Sukuna.
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    JJK 257 Spoilers

    now Yuji got the MC vibe he deserved
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    Theory What if Yuta and his comrades leap in to assist Gojo?

    When Sukuna loses the ability to use his domain, Ui Ui teleports the entire group to confront Sukuna. Higurama opens his domain to retrieve the executioner sword, possibly intending to give it to Gojo. Yuta then employs Domain Expansion, encompassing all the individuals present, including Maki...
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    JJK spoiler 255

    I don't get why Maki didn't aim for Sukuna head. Is she stupid? She needs to learn from Yuta a bit.
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    Chapter Discussion Is Maki stupid?

    Instead of utilizing her unparalleled stealth abilities to join Higurama and Yuta in their fight against Sukuna, where Maki could collectively employ hit-and-run tactics to distract and damage Sukuna, she instead opts to confront Sukuna directly in a one-on-one battle. If Toji were to join the...
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    JJK 253 Spoilers

    Honestly, maki has the most boring fighting style. At least Toji is a very smart fighter who relies on clever tactics. Maki is just a brute force version of him.
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    General & Others Which has better fights?

    JJK by far and it is not even closed. OP should be compared to looney toon, nothing more than that. OP fight used to be great when devil fruit is a thing without haki. Now it is about who punch harder with haki, and MC has unlimited of them for plot convenient.
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    Chapter Discussion "The cursed brat will be my main dish"

    I cant recall any jjk character that has a comeback after losing once.
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    Chapter Discussion "The cursed brat will be my main dish"

    Up to this point, the clash between Yuta and Sukana has spanned only 3 chapters, a sharp contrast to the 15-chapter epic between Gojo and Sukuna. If Yuta's role is indeed concluded, it feels somewhat underwhelming for Sukuna's main course. Do you think Yuta is done for? If yes, how Yuji and...
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    Questions & Mysteries How Is Yuta Going To Survive? Is He Dead?

    If Yuta dies, who's left to fight Sukuna and the merger? Just Yuji, Megumi, and Maki? Gege has only few main cast left. At least Yuji, Megumi, Maki, Yuta should be spared for a good happy ending.
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    Chapter Discussion 10S is a perfect technique for Yuta

    He could use cleave and dismantle on Mahoraga to train.
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    Chapter Discussion 10S is a perfect technique for Yuta

    Another theory: Yuta also copy Mahoraga technique. Rika + adapted mahoraga + nue totality + yuta with mahoraga technique + yuji. Damn, I would pay to see this :crazwhat:
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    Chapter Discussion 10S is a perfect technique for Yuta

    It's unfortunate that we haven't witnessed Yuta replicate 10S technique yet. Just picture him mastering Mahoraga and adjusting the shikigami to cleave and dismantle before confronting Sukuna. Imagine the potential of Yuta, Rika, adapted Mahoraga, Nue: Totality, and Yuji teaming up against...