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    Future Events Electricity runs through Sanji's body

    I was joking but now i see in the poll 8 votes for King lol I voted Black Maria but im not that sure..
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    Chapter Discussion One Piece chapter 983: Thunder

    Hell yeah! Yamato is so cool and basically a mix of Kaido and Oden (fanboy?)...
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    Questions & Mysteries Killer's design?

    Pre timeskip because of his outfit.
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    Questions & Mysteries Could akainu's magma penetrate CoA haki?

    Shanks stopped It so yes. But you probably Need a top class Coa I mean... Even if Ace used Coa for defending he wuold still be dead
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    Character Discussion Thoughts on Scratchmen Apoo

    What a bless Kidd crashing the snitch. This chapter Is another proof of Supernova relevance...
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    Questions & Mysteries Is Kuzan still in touch with someone in the Navy ?

    Sengoku wanted Kuzan as Fleet Admiral. While the WG big dogs wanted Sakazuki.