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    Anime & Manga One Piece Spoilers - Spoilerless Void

    Yo mama's so fat she makes Big Mom look skinny
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    Anime & Manga Doffy vs King.Is that the most humiliated poll we have?

    I mean, G4 Dressrosa Luffy was washing Doflamingo so hard that he had to go out of his way to stall with his awakening. Fast forward and Luffy had to go beyond his limits to beat Katakuri, and due to the way the fight ended many people still believed Katakuri>Luffy at the end of Whole Cake...
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    Future Events Smoker, The Future Straw Hat

    I feel like Aokiji(if he's not in SWORD), Drake and Fujitora have already shown us some alternative paths to justice that doesn't align with the goverment, Smoker doesn't have to specifically join Luffy's crew to follow his justice And besides i feel like it's rather late for new crew members (I...
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    Questions & Mysteries Ryokogyo df would affect his upcoming decisions?

    Regrowing the folliage and making the land fit for growing food again doesn't suddenly mean they won't have to work said land.
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    Future Events Why Zoro needs Nidai Kitetsu asap

    Zoro wouldn't just replace Sandai unless it got destroyed, it's been with Zoro since Loguetown and has seen all of his toughest battles through. Whatever fame or renown or whatever a sword might have is ultimately irrelevant with a powerful enough user.
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    Current Events Big Mom losing her Yonko title doesn't make any sense

    Bruh how are there so many people claiming that her territory got taken over when we're literally in the middle of a cover story taking place there lol
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    Break Week Based off feats. Exactly why are the warlords even useful to the balance?

    This. They were meant to be pirates who took down other pirates to counter balance the massive infllux of pirates that happened after Roger's death.
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    Break Week If WG would have any brains, Mihawk would be admiral

    Warlords were all well established pirates that got a deal to get a pardon for all their previous crimes and freedom to roam the seas without being persecuted as long as they worked for the goverment taking down other pirates. Being a warlord means Mihawk was a pirate with some renown before...
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    Break Week If WG would have any brains, Mihawk would be admiral

    Why would Mihawk accept being an admiral?
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    Roe vs Wade Overturned?

    The real question is when does it go from just a multicellular organism to a person though. I doubt anyone but the most avid religious people would be against emergency pills, which might as well be day 1 abortions as they're designed to kill an already fertilized egg. On the other hand, i...
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    Roe vs Wade Overturned?

    I just don't see how abortions being legal can ever be a bother to anyone, most arguments against it i ever see are either religious (poor unborn children who don't get a chance to go heaven or whatever) or misogyistic (assuming women are just irresponsible and don't want to bother with...