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    Powers & Abilities Roger isn’t a swordsman

    Do you even read one piece? :shame::shame:
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    Powers & Abilities CoC is mainly about being linked to Luffy

    U said this, and then u put oden, chinajo, sengoku on the list lol. Dragon? Despite being his father has 0 influence on his life. Overall this list have so massive reaches.
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    Sakamoto Days, Chapter 127: See Ya

    Goodbye Hyo:risitasad: Bruh this fight was so freakin good
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    Sakamoto Days, Chapter 122: Bad Feeling

    Lu has an L in her name for a reason :josad: Hmm that was kumanomi ability or just pure speed :lusalty:
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    Sakamoto Days - Chapter 120 - Final

    Is that really it ? Ngl i feel quite disappointed if thats truly the end of fight.
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    General & Others Sakamoto Days - General Discussion

    So guys do we expect uzuki vs sakamato full fight or rather flashback between uzuki and rion :bamathink:
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    Sakamoto Days, Chapter 119: Goodbye

    What just happpened:snoopy::snoopy::snoopy::snoopy::snoopy:
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    General & Others Sakamoto Days - General Discussion

    Im pretty sure he will do something amazing this chap:pepecopium:
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    Fanclub Temple of The Grandmaster Zoro

    I have account for 2 years on this forum and i just realized there are fanclubs:zosmug:
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    Controversial Marineford Marco vs Rooftop Zoro, who performed better?

    Yea instead u belive that guy with WSS title is weaker than Fujitora who is regarded as swordsman:gokulaugh::gokulaugh::gokulaugh: U are ther one that should be seeking for a doctor if u cant read manga for a toddlers
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    Controversial Marineford Marco vs Rooftop Zoro, who performed better?

    you and @JoNdule should make a club of most delusional people on this forum :gokulaugh::gokulaugh:
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    Sakamoto Days, Chapter 118: Strength

    BRUH why sakamato cant stop being a badass:josad: Foreshadowing. Wondering what is his bounty if those guys had 400 and 600 ? It feels like Kindaka heard Uzuki call and he decided to help him so Uzuki could saved his friends :josad:
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    Sakamoto Days, Chapter 117: Kill Without Moving

    Nagumo full power waiting room :cheers:
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    Anime & Manga The Arsenal's coronation waiting room

    Wdym? His bounty is inflated thanks to his mom :gokulaugh::gokulaugh: Latakuri real bounty is like 500m