[FNZ] Role Madness A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones Mafia Game Thread

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Kagu Nyan

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kagura how many players do you think we can vig?
I've noticed this game for the low hanging fruit slots you keep putting them off the table and saying we should vig them
realistically we cant vig them all
so how do you think we should resolve them? I'm not liking this tendency tbh from you this game
My way of working with the inactive players is this - observe them, tag them to post, if they still don’t then vig them. We can vig more players than we can lynch.

How do you wish to proceed with them cuz I’d like to know any alternative idea….
This is a good thing guys. No lynch would lead to more of the same uncertainty tomorrow. He might be town but probably not and even if he is wagon analysis will be crucial to solving the game
So I've had a chance to isolate and check out Ultra who was my up to now only declared scumlean (I said Tpein aswell but overall reaction to the d1 miller claim suggests that is acceptable) and I will be retracting that. My previous statement of short fluffy posts is demonstrably wrong by checking properly.

I'll slot in an isolate on the lower count posters as and when I can find the time
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