[FNZ] Role Madness A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones Mafia Game Thread

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I dont need to read it again, her posts lack thoughfulness. Almost like she just types as she's thinking. I dont associate that with scum.
But If you think her initial post RE: Tac was clumsy, that means you think she knew who Tac was all along. Otherwise it's just someone asking who a player is that they aren't familiar with, which isn't clumsy at all

The first makes Kagu non-town

The second makes your town read ungenuine
How would you describe yourself as a player, Miss Michelle?

Are you more comfortable as wolf or as village and which do you prefer?
I will not provide self meta, it's boring and never trusted.
I don't care lately about rand, that's all I can say.
I play at MU and Syndicate with this username and you can find my old games to check, at MU it's easier to find them.

Kagu Nyan

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What was the joke about? He made the tinfoil about the special chat so what was your joke about him?
That I didn't know he was TAC and if I knew I'd take it more seriously. For new players it might seem odd that we are talking about some chat. But old players should know that it was a joke lol
vote Charlie

I wasn't really satisfied with their answers to my questions. It was all a bit contradictory. His reply to Neeko about other things ongoing in the thread seemed very generic and thrown together. I get vibes that he's trying to look active and townie but got himself caught up trying to earn points about looking good and didn't expect to get questioned over them.

@Neeko raised a good point in their reads list about the village lean.
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