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I'm starting to suspect Fuji over his purple panic rn, Nana and Kagu are there as well.

I agree that we should be cautious around purple and check for them but the description of Dany getting mad at GW's death makes me think they're a faction that can become anti-town if too many members die or something along the lines. Flavor-wise there are 3 things that lead to her going into chef mode and cooking poor innocents. The death of her dragons, the death of her close friends, and the discovery that Jon Snow had the rightful claim to the iron throne (This last one I can see potential friction with town tbh).

Getting town focused on purple is perfect for the red faction since not only does it take pressure off of them it could also lead to another anti-town faction and put us in a 2 front war. Then Reds would be able to sweep up the pieces. Based on that I find that fuji (and some others) is maybe trying a bit too hard to convince us that purple should be taken down if we find them.

In regards to killing Dany first, I think it will lead to a similar result.

I'm willing to change my tune if purples actually start causing trouble but I'll need a bit more than an ability that's essentially a vig shot with the consequence of dying if accidentally targeting another purple. In my eyes, they're not a problem until they become a problem.

That's my hot take.
Interesting take.

I would prioritise Red as well, but if we find purple players they should convince us that that they are useful to the town.

Fuji claimed his character (Brienne), what do you think of his claim and his argument with Ripped Cal (which I need to reread myself)?
Game of Thrones Mafia - Day 2

Day 2 Final Vote Count

Arp 16 - Worst, RippedCal, Phoenix, TPein, Hime, Pero, Dofla, Blue, Soulkiller, Nana, Charlie, Pot Goblin, Neeko, KWEH, Lethal Banks, Kagurashii, Underworld Broker

Duel Votes (Vote power is not reflected in a duel)

Ekko 16 - Michelle, Hime, Fuji, Kweh, Tpein, Kagurashii, Charlie, Dofla, Cooler, Ratchet, Melkor, Blue, Wakanda, Pot Goblin, Soulkiller, Lethal Banks

The colossus had fallen ... Peroroncino was

Ser Gregor Clegane ‘The Mountain that Rides’
1xStrongman, Resilience, Champion, Rage

‘Some dead man …’

Congratulations, you are Ser Gregor Clegane, Lannister Alliance Aligned! A hulking brute of a man, you stand at nearly 8ft tall and over 30st of muscle. The elder brother of Sandor Clegane, whom you horribly disfigured as a boy, you are now the enforcement arm of Tywin Lannister, and carry out his orders unquestioningly.

A regular user of Milk of the Poppy to dull your constant headaches, you have an unmatched talent for brutality and violence, and a habit of murdering anything you feel like. Your armor is incomprehensibly heavy, and no ordinary man could hope to move in it, let alone fight.

In this game, you have the following roles:

1x Strongman - If performing the factional kill, you may upgrade it and provided you are able to reach your target, you will bypass all protective and redirective abilities on them.

Resilience - You cannot be killed by standard strength killing actions, and cannot be affected by bleeds. If you are afflicted with poison and die, your role will be updated provided Cersei Lannister is still alive also.

Rage - If you perform 2 consecutive factional killing actions, your role will be updated accordingly.

Champion (Redacted from flip unless triggerered)- If a member of your team is targeted for a duel, you will represent the Lannister Alliance in combat - you will permanently switch roles with your teammate.

You win when you control the voting majority, and/or nothing can prevent this.

A bastard's comeuppance ... ARP was ...

Ramsay Snow
1x Janitor, 4x Tracker, Reek

‘Ramsay. Snow, my wife called me before she ate her fingers, but I say Bolton.’

Congratulations, you are Ramsay Snow, Lannister Alliance Aligned! A malicious sadist, and the bastard son of Roose Bolton, you possess little of the restraint and discretion your lord father is famous for, instead choosing to parade your cruelty in the open, whether it be flaying your enemies alive, raping women and then flaying them, or feeding them to your hounds, or perhaps most notoriously, your treatment of your prisoner, Theon Greyjoy, whom you have rechristened as your manservant, Reek, having forcibly castrated and removed several fingers, toes and teeth from him, and covered him in excrement from various sources.

Deeply resentful of your lowborn status, you seek to impress and please your lord father in any way you can, despite consistently (and paradoxically) never listening to his advice.

In this game, you have the following roles:

- 1x Janitor (If performing the faction kill, you may conceal the body. You will receive a writeup detailing the dead players role)

- 4x Tracker (You may learn who, if anyone, a player visited during the night)

- Reek (Redacted)

You win when you control the voting majority, and/or nothing can prevent this.

It is now night 2. You have 24 hours.
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Game of Thrones Mafia - Night 2

Nobody died!

The city watch has regained control and restored order. Majority Lynch has been reinforced.

Further developments to be announced shortly (My dinner is on the table lol)

It is now Day 3. With 28 alive, 15 votes to lynch. You have 48 hours.


Pot Goblin

Conejo Blanco
WakandaForever - Robb Stark

Arp - Ramsay Snow (Claimed to be Arya Stark) (Dead)

Pero - The Mountain (Claimed to be Beric Dondarrion) (Dead)

TAC - Catelyn Stark (Dead)

Chevy - Grey Worm (Dead)

Worst - Cop Claim (Copped Arp as a Lannister)

T-Pein - Jamie Lannister (Body Guard)

Fuji - Brienne of Tarth

Lord Melkor - Census Claim
Census: 15/6/5/2/1/1 15\6/4/2/1/1/1

KWEH - Follower (Saw T-Pein as Body Guard)

Ekko - Some sort of Duelist Lynch ability
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