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Game of Thrones Mafia - Day 3

Final Vote Count

Cooler 14 - Tpein, Ekko, Charlie, Hime, YTW, Kweh, Wakanda, Lethal, Rippedcal, Kagurashii, Blue, Ratchet, Melkor, Soulkiller, Pot Goblin
Neeko 1 - Michelle
Melkor 1 - Dofla

'Let it end!', she had screamed ... and so it had.

Walder Frey
Mafia Traitor

‘You will forgive me if I do not kneel, I know. My legs no longer work as they did, though that which hangs between 'em serves well enough, heh.’

Congratulations, you are Walder Frey, Lannister Alliance Aligned! A cautious, prickly and peevish man, you have a habit of never forgetting a slight, real or imagined, and you will happily break any oaths if it means enhancing your position, as evidenced when you broke the sacred tradition of guest right in your part in the assassination of Robb Stark.

House Frey has long been an underling to the great House Tully, a status with which you are notably dissatisfied, and despite your prodigious talent for breeding, even at the ripe old age of ninety, you have been unable thus far to ensare the house in a wedding proposal.

In this game, you have the following roles:

- Mafia Traitor (owing to your reluctance to leave your seat, you are something of a lone wolf. You will operate as part of the Lannister Alliance, but you will not join their chat unless certain events come to pass. The leadership of the Lannister Alliance is permitted to write to you once per night phase, but be mindful that ravens can be intercepted. Also bear in mind, they do not know your identity)

You win when you control the voting majority, and/or nothing can prevent this.

It is now Night 3. You have 16 hours. Please get your roles in ASAP and lets get this show on the road.

Game of Thrones Mafia - Night 3

He'd been outrunning the city watch for years, but his time was up ...

Vanilla Townie (A King's Blood)

Congratulations, you are Gendry, Rebellion Aligned! A blacksmith's apprentice working in King's Landing, numerous highborn lords have recently taken an interest in you, for reasons you don't understand...

In this game, you have the following roles:

- A King's Blood (Locked until further notice)

You win when all threats to your alignment have been eliminated.

A false pretender was found dead ...

Renly Baratheon
Vanilla Townie

‘Born amidst salt and smoke? Is he a ham?’

Congratulations, you are Renly Baratheon, Rebellion Aligned! The younger brother of King Robert Baratheon, you sit on the small council and administer the realm in his absence. An affable and quick witted man, you are popular at court, and have cultivated many friendships. Rumours abound of your ‘friendship’ with the Knight of Flowers, Ser Loras Tyrell, but you have dismissed them as slander.

Backed by the powerful Tyrell family, you will attempt to seize power in the face of the might of the Lannister family, and a superior claim to the throne on behalf of your brother, Stannis. Will your wits and japes be enough?

In this game, you have no role other than your vote.

You win when all threats to your alignment are eliminated.

The Silence had docked for the last time ...

King Euron Greyjoy
1x Killproof, Investigation Immune, Glass Candle, Shade of the Evening, Victarion, Dragonbinder, Dark Ascension

‘I am the storm, my lord. The first storm, and the last.’

Congratulations, you are King Euron Greyjoy, Ironborn Aligned, and Herald of the Apocalypse! The self-styled King of the Iron Islands, and known as the Crow’s Eye, you are the brother of Balon, Aeron and Victarion Greyjoy. A dangerous and unpredictable man who loves nothing more than to wage psychological war on friend and foe alike,you have sailed as far as Asshai and the Smoking Sea. Despite your cruel nature, you have no problem attracting men to your cause, and where most ironborn captains tend to keep plunder from their raids to themselves, you are notably generous and take nothing.

There are rumours that you are a former pupil of Brynden ‘Bloodraven’ Rivers, the Three-eyed Raven, and you have certainly acquired a terrifying level of knowledge in the arcane and the eldritch. Choosing to keep one of your eyes concealed under an eyepatch, you can truly see through the veil …

With your voyages aboard the Silence, your flagship (where you have removed the tongues of the crew so that only you may speak of what you have seen), you have come to the conclusion that this is a broken world full of men worshipping one false god or another. There will be only one god - you.

In this game, you have the following roles:

1x Killproof (You are wearing a set of enchanted Valyrian steel armour. This will protect you from 1 killing action of any source, including strong kills, or even dragonfire. You may still be lynched as normal.

- Investigation Immune (You will investigate as Rebellion Aligned, and will rolecop as an Oracle)

- Glass Candle (you may send a vision to another player in the form of a message I will pass to them. These visions are by their nature terrifying, and will overwrite any role results they may receive. Players will be notified that these visions are hostile in nature. This action cannot be seen by other roles)

- Shade of the Evening (You may consume this instead of using the Glass Candle at night. You will receive a new ability each time you do this, up to a maximum of three times)

- Victarion (Your brother is also in the game and seeks to betray you. He is also Ironborn Aligned. You have sent him to locate the Dragonqueen, Daenerys Targaryen. When he finds her, you will also be notified)

1x Dragonbinder (You possess a horn of dragonbinding that may only be blown once. If you target a player with a dragon companion, the dragon will be bound to you, and your role will be updated)

- Dark Ascension (At night, you may mark a player with the red eye of your sigil. During any night phase, you may ‘detonate’ all marked players, killing them through protection. When 4 living players carry the mark, they will be notified. If you are able to kill 6 players in one ritual using this method, and have bound a dragon, you will ascend to godhood. You will exit the game immediately, and trigger a cataclysmic event.

You win when you are the god of the new world, or when only you remain.

It is now Day 4. With 23 players alive ,12 votes to lynch. You have 36 hours.

i guess ill just have to be lynched tomorrow. i dont have time for this. time to do my last day self defense.

You seem pretty self conscious about being associated with ARP. You ain't really being scum read because you voted for arp, that is silly. I believe you had TMI in the entire situation.

>You agreed with me and voted for arp
>You witnessed arp panic
>You asked few players to push the wagon
>Arp frustration was toward me and not you (I wonder why)
> You started town reading Arp because he started being calm, and dismissed his early panicking. Yet you were still okay with him being lynched.
>You backed off your vote on him when he claimed, you prolly knew he had a strong fake claim which is why you started town reading him before the dude outed his claim.
>You started defending arp when I requested to keep our votes on arp and your reasoning on why you were town reading him made no sense.
>You were okay with getting arp lynched but you still town read him. You probably knew his true alignment since he is your scum mate.
>You did not go for the second wagon which was Pero and instead wanted Ekko lynched.
>You successfully dodged lynching two of your team mates, pushed one of them knowing very well their wagon wont last long cause they have a safe claim.

This is weird funny way of trying to defend yourself.

I actually explained exactly what I did and it wasn't just agree with you to vote arp. I agreed with you to see if you would vote arp because you called him out and didn't vote for him so I voted for him and asked you to join the wagon because you shaded him without voting and that's what I associate as distancing so I wanted to see if you would join.

When the wagon was just myself and you for a long period of time, blue and t-pein came in after periods of inactivity and quite literally asked who to vote. since they were doing nothing as inactives i asked them to join the wagon. not only did i ask other people and constantly ask them what they thought of arp and if they wanted to vote arp, the two inactives that were willing to just give their votes i asked them to give it to them.

arp's frustration towards you was you got his name wrong. he actually did say very little to me though, i do concede that, but idk if i was scum with him and trying to distance id ask him to distance. but never mind that you wont believe that.

i backed off from him prior to his claim for the reasons i gave. i actually found his claim weird because he claimed he had a wolf and not a direwolf. it's right there as well as the reasons i gave for backing off, which came again prior to the claim. now you can say i asked him to react like that so i could set up backing off, but again if i was going to coach that then i would have also asked him to interact with me to properly distance.

i was not defending him when you asked to put votes on arp. you ASKED me why i backed off and i gave my reason. i can do nothing about my reasoning making sense to you, that is how i anticipated a townie to react vs. mafia. i thought mafia would be more eager to clear their own name and get their claim out there then come in as if there was no pressure and they might die.

i think youre overestimating the degree to which i town read him. i thought the reaction was townie, but youre acting like i was over the top in how i viewed him. in any case, i was okay with him being lynched still because how much time was left in day and how unlikely it was to get another wagon going. i was also going to be away so i wasnt really going to be around to push another alternative and i knew i would have time to keep up for the rest of the phase(it was 3am my time when i went to bed and the end of day was 9am and i woke up at 8am for work for reference).

i did want ekko lynched. i thought ekko was shady. i actually still could see ekko as indy with the way he's played. alas you are right i didnt go for the alternative wagon which was pero. i also wasnt caught up with the vote count, but i dont expect you to believe that. that is basically the reasoning. when someone was questioning me on day 2 why i didnt hammer, i think rippedcal, i actually thought he was asking why i didnt hammer arp rather than pero and even in my defense it can be seen that's what i was explaining(why i didnt hammer arp).

as to the last line, i just want you to keep in mind after i flip how good my reads were when i was actively engaged. it wont go far in defending myself, but i did have pretty fucking great reads and i think i can be happy about them since most of those people will likely turn out as town and i had 2 scum and ekko(who might be indy) in my list. :)

all that said, i will likely be the lynch and that's fine. it isn't productive for me to defend myself outside of this post, so i'll catch up best i can and give any final thoughts to you guys if you want to hear them. i'll review the end of day 1(last 40ish pages) and see where everyone landed in terms of votes. cooler was mafia traitor so they didn't know he was scum, but pero/arp were scum and the other two alternative wagons so i think it's good to see who landed on cooler and avoided the other two to find the remaining scum.
Basically as a scum you could had pushed Arp as hard as you wanted because you would know he has a top tier claim.
That would be nice and all except I was the one saying that arya/other main characters are not town just because they're main characters and not to town read people just because they claimed a main character. You, actually, were the one pushing the hardest to prove that arp is town just because they claimed arya, as you can see from below.

As you can see from below:

Talk to me about town Arp a little pls
Read my last post.
I am just trusting neeko (showtime) here.
I played 3 games with ARP and he looks fine from the iso I did.
He could just be town here.
He thinks my miller claim is scummy and its ok since he doesnt know claiming miller day 1 is the best move to do to avoid confusions down the line.
Pero - cleared for now since he claimed.

Arp - Don’t feel like lynching him. He’s new and I can genuinely sense the frustration in his posts that he’s trying to redeem himself.

Let’s focus on the other people like Chevy. I wouldn’t mind Melkor either.

But the way it’s going, looks like we will end up CFDing someone like Cooler or Wakanda in the end.
arm is so god damn calm it's unnatural. i feel like if he was on a scum team they would want him to act a little more, well, self-serving or claim or do something to try to save himself.
I am imagining the situation this way - Arp walks into the game thread, makes a few friendly posts as starters but little did he know those friendly posts will be counted against him. If he was mafia, I’d expect some discussion happening in their chat so he’s walk in more informed rather than a carefree bird.
agree with this but he has 11 votes on him and is the closest thing to getting a lynch that we have

turning the wagon around to someone besides arp or pero will prove difficult and could end up costing us the dp by getting no lynch

that being said, we have roughly 10 more hours tho so things could drastically change.
I shall admit that I am feeling the pressure with the following claim, I am a Tracker with a pet wolf
Yeah that’s going to be a task. I’m ready for Chevy or Melkor. What about you as other lynch choices?
Pet wolf? You don’t say…..
a pet wolf?

are you sure it's a pet wolf.
wanna lynch cooler?
oh i assumed u r into the flavor too

i see okay

well u technically hinted a main character, whoever it is, so i expect some good results or mafia to kill u. if u stay too long we might have a problem
i wanna lynch soul and TAC

whatever lets do cooler

vote lynch @Cooler
It’s true that all the Stark kids had their wolves but I’m not sure that those wolves would be included in the role too. I’m a bit iffy that he felt like mentioning about the pet wolf.
aight lets get it.

Vote lynch @Cooler

come in lads


vote cooler

lets get it
vote ekko

yes. YES
uh oh man u botchering this claim now
How did you know wolf is the flavour when you don’t have much flavour knowledge?
wanna move back to arp?
hes fumbling his claim hard
assignments guys:

@RippedCal you take red mafia
@T-Pein™ you take purple mafia
@Zolo you take indies

i take care of cult

if it breathes and its not town, eliminate it
wait, where r u getting this info from?

not a fan of how easy neeko leaving the arp wagon,
he was leading it after all...
should we lynch arp?

is that what you want tpein?
we r discussing that right now

whats ur thoughts on the claim?
not a fan of how he tried to shade ekko rn.
he saw he was getting traction and he jumped on it.
well it's not a pet wolf. but all of you called it a fucking wolf so now i dont know.

it's a DIREWOLF.
The wolf is hard to believe to be written. If there’s not any abilities concerning it, it doesn’t play that important of a role to be mentioned. It feels like someone fed you with this information that you should include the wolf if your claim to mislead people thinking you are one of the main characters.
Let’s get him.

Vote lynch Blue
are you thinking what i am thinking right now magic? am i reading this correctly?

vote lynch arp

english isnt my first language, i use the word wolf and never say direwolf + i am lazy and like to use abbreviations kek

but i am sending u a mental message right now, can you receive it

read my mind
Arp should just claim the character properly.
I'm Arya, I'm a tracker and one shot vigilante.
i buy it

but dem thats weak for arya

i wud put her as indie instead

u indie arp?
no no lol
u cant claim and dip
claiming doesnt clear u for sht. u gotta still play m8
I buy it too.
we need to protect arp.

@Arp Bladstrum who you shooting?
I back the cooler kill.
eitherway arya likely isnt mafia, and most likely not a fake claim. i will be surprised if she was. so its town or indie

i am concerned with how arp claimed + disappeared. generally dont like it. but the strength of the claim is far too great to overlook

willing to let it stay for now. this will be my final thoughts on it

vote lynch cooler
I see. Fair enough.
I do not mind voting him though with his level of activity so far (I remember one post) he is a vig material to me.
Cooler voted you and disappeared as far as I remember.

This does not make him look great, but actvity is NAI for Cooler. I hope you are not trying to divert from your teammates, Ekko.
Okay, this is one of main characters, so I am willing to give Arp benefit of the doubt at the moment.

Pero also claimed a character or only hinted?
main characters mean nothing in these set ups. all characters can be used as fakes.
Possible, though i am also not sure on Arp being scum based on threadplay, I preferred a Pero lynch.

Also, I am not having good vibes from Ekko right now, like his sudden push on Cooler, though he is hard to read.
Wouldn’t that be too chaotic? Like if the main characters itself are fakes. I don’t think so we don’t need to take that route until we get some flips. Since Arp has claimed, the way to proceed from here is to see if he even gets CC’d or if he’s not bring in his results as tracker. Anyways we can leave him aside for now and focus on the others.
Unless host is taking the piss we should be expecting the main characters to be in the game.
Otherwise he is wasting good characters to make mafia extra powerful by giving them top characters as fakes.
Some fake character would be someone like the Daenerys husband and not Daenerys.
I votes for cooler ...

We have to do the unvote?

Vote lynch cooler
None of it.
Basically we are just blindly voting for someone.
Then Arp fully claimed arya the stark girl / watcher
Main character so seems legit.
Bro you play on ws.

This has been a site trend since literally 2012 on there so people didn't get easy confirms.
its 32 slots.
does GOT have enough characters to give the main characters as fake claims to mafia?

I think Robb, Rikon, Theon & Ned are good as fake claims and the irrelevant characters like Lyanna Stark are bad claims.
The main core of starks has to be in the game as playable characters.
Sansa, Arya and Bran have to 100 be in it.

From the OP

Hostiles have been provided with fakes of an unspecified (and in some cases, potentially inconsistent) quality.

If host gave mafia the main characters then that's very lame.
does GOT have enough MAIN characters to give the main character Arya as fake claims to mafia?

sure can do that, in the meantime u can post some reads and give me ur thoughts on how this day should end in ur opinion (as in who should get lynched and possibly targets for vig if this day ends in no lynch, preferrably 5 ppl for vig)

how fast did he claim that, watcher is easy to verify and i guess no one counter claimed yet?
it is not a subjective question,
I looked it up.
This is the list of characters from Main to not main status ignoring side characters.
Only 18 would be considered "Main characters"
Arya is very high on the list.
he had like 15 votes on him and it took 1.5 IRL days for him to cough it up.
I mainly believed him because of how main the character he claimed was but now people are telling me that mafia got fake claims and I am trying to say that character is too main to be a fake claim
The question is "would scum get main character fakes" yes they would.
Arp claims Arya Stark, Tracker iirc.
OP talks about quality of the fake claims.
This claim would be too powerful of a fake claim.
Its like giving one of the 5 power rangers as a fake claim to mafia when the game is power rangers.
not cool.
how fast did those votes pile up and were there some that seemed sus

has someone tried to get the attention away from arp?
maybe host gave them weird alignments.
We cannot verify "arya stark" would be town.
Yeah, I'm not too interested in pushing Arp today either, though I think Arya makes more sense as Indie
im guessing arya would have like a dog or wolf which would go with the tracking if arp claimed tracker and not watcher
Lynch targets: Blue, Chevy and Melkor.

Blue because of his Margaery gifs and he’s coasting enough to appear once in a while to roleplay. It’s giving me weird vibes.

Chevy because he was wolfing on Charlie and nitpicking on little things which didn’t feel genuine. His old forum mates clarified how that’s his play style and he has a knack of tunneing on one or two players. His gameplay feels weird and forced to scum hunt for the sake of it. I don’t know how that kind of play is justified in a 32 player game and this kind of hard tunnelling can get someone lynched who doesn’t deserve it. Plus he was also fishing for Pero’s abilities since he claims that he has a way to confirm it. Now Ekko has tagged him to confirm Arp so let’s see.

Melkor because he’s just asking a lot of questions which he can know if he just reads the damn thread. Questions like has Pero fully claimed? This type of play looks bad. It’s like low efforts to blend in with town showing how curious he is to solve the game. He was like this in the last game too where he flipped scum.

Vig shot targets: Wakanda, Cooler, Yo tan Wa.
I agree.

I'm feeling an Ekko lynch. We need a full claim from pero tho.
well he also claimed to have 1 vig kill btw
I see

but tracker can be anything in mafia.

eh it's w/e. weird comment tho
The op advises against theme and setup spec because of the fakes in the game.

Making all 5 power rangers town is legitimately trash hosting because its giving town free confirms for no nothing. Odo wouldn't pull that.
What’s your current opinion about Arp?
It's weird because the host would probably call it a direwolf and not just a wolf lol. That said I don't think it means anything because if it's a fake he would still call it a direwolf.
I liked arp more before the claim then the actual claim itself as the claim felt a bit awkward.

His lack of urgency or fear of being lynched when he got back in the day and not hesitating to claim really did make me feel better about him somewhat tho. I wouldn't oppose his lynch but I prefer ekko
What is your current stance on Pero and Arp?
Not interested in an Ekko lynch at the moment. Personally speaking he does not ping me as scum yet, call it vibe check from my end.

You think arp is townie here?
@SoulKiller I think Arya is most likely indie
Another thing I’d like to mention is that even tho abilities were unlocked I don’t see many actions. So either there aren’t many peeps with day actions, host has decided to keep roles simple with lesser abilities. So Arya being an underwhelming tracker wouldn’t be a lie entirely.
If arp flips scum then it is what it is and I can live with being wrong. If he flips town I'm sure ill still get flack over it as, as you said, I got the initial pressure on the wagon. Reads aren't static though and while I do concur that his play has been nothing stellar his re-entrance into the thread still reads as towmie to me.

The defense of him came because people asked. His lynch is still likely better than a no lynch.

Cliff notes:

Michelle is obviously town.

Ratchet is also town, they wanted to lynch arp and even after the claim just at best said that arya is likely indy. as a scummate id assume if youre moving away from your teammate you wouldnt still conclude they're non-town and if you bought the claim just said they're town.

I think LM looks worse because he wanted to move away from arp due to the claim. it didnt seem sensible to me.

I have no idea if tpein is just beyond awful or if he's scum because he put in a lot of effort to argue with me that arya isnt a fake claim and got doesnt have enough fakes for arya to be a fake claim blah blah. He also wanted to move away from arp to cooler rather than arp.

ekko isn't red scum for sure, but the fact he was so sure that there was purple scum this early is weird to me.

himes is town too or not red scum. she basically wanted to lynch arp early on because there wasn't enough time in the day for another lynch and she didnt want to risk a no lynch. TOWN BEHAVIOUR. she also just vibes town.

KAGU IS 100% SCUM. Not only did they want to move away from arp and pero as a lynch and go elsewhere, but they kept talking about how the arya claim fits with tracker and how it makes sense and they even prodded for arp to claim arya after the initial claim when they had not done so yet. i literally cannot fathom kagu as not scum after this entire exchange. you can lynch me but please shoot kagu.
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