[FNZ] Role Madness A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones Mafia Game Thread

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I suppose I should elaborate then.

In my experience, one of the top 5 most active players at this stage is almost always scum. Idk why, it just happens. Now I don't know any of these 5 besides Ultra, who reads town to me for now. Pero is the closest of the 5 to getting lynched, and his post about us needing his power is something I've heard scum say more than townies do, thus I voted him.
Hello Dofla, nice to meet you.

What's your take on the arp wagon.

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Except is a huge playstyle misunderstanding i don't see you solving
That's harsh. Other than me, your alternatives are Pero who's a newbie with 5 games and Wakanda who has 5 posts so far or even less.

Everyone else is either solving the game (which is definitely not true) or you might have other reasons to lynch me since it obviously can't be for game solving.
Why are u fine with a miller claim, especially coming from tpein. Has his performance so far indicated that hes not fake claiming

Glad u just subbed in, im going to press u soon :D


Im not going to read what happened the last 60 pages, unless i feel bored enough
ty, im not sure y everyone is riding on the t-pein town train

he has not contributed to the game at all, been largely inactive, and just voted arp because arp was leading the vote at the time

i dont see y the miller claim is enough reason to believe hes town based on his play thus far
No one defending me.
I must have the worst scummates ever:risitasad:
pero i dont think youve looked great either and most of your responses and consistency are pretty bad, which has been touched on a lot.

if you are town instead of softing a strong role and how we will regret losing said role and remarking about your past mislynches, you should give a more honest analysis of your wagon and who you think is towny/scummy/etc from it. that would be greatly appreciated if youre town.
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