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DR Mingo vs DR Luffy without outside interference and factors results in Mingo's victory. The difference between pre GK Doffy and post GK Doffy is noticeable.
This was stated about GK
Law was planning to take down Doffy for years, was willing to cut down on his remaining life span, all of that just to be able to land GK, for that one moment.
Taking down Doflamingo was Law's life goal.
Doflamingo then got hit with jet stamp and counter shock after standing up, once again undoing some of the stitches he had done

Post GK Mingo couldn't keep up with Luffy's g2 and was getting overwhelmed
whilst pre GK Doffy was easily reacting to g2/g3 Luffy.
The difference as I've said is noticeable. Even though Mingo stitched himself up, it affected him, so much that the first thing he does when he is up is reapplying his patch
While Mingo may not be able to best G4 Luffy in CQC he'd be able to dodge more hits, as illustrated above. Plus if Mingo plays it smart he can keep Luffy at bay using his awakening. With awakening pestering Luffy, Mingo can potentially attack Luffy from the sides or back and aim for the head.
Moreover, CIS/PIS/ and plot armor restricted, Doffy takes the W here. Doffy, whilst critically injured (hit with GK, injection shot, and counter shock), survived one round of G4. Luffy could barely keep his eyes opened and was exhausted by that, so much that Gyats had to carry him around.

And this time Mingo won't 'forget' to use his haki on his awakening against g4, like he did, aka plot armor.
but was capable of using it against base Luffy and fodders
clear plot armor protection. Good luck trying to constantly run away and hide during the 10 minutes in which he lacks haki, from a guy who can turn the entire surroundings into strings.
If there's no pis then Doflamingo someone deemed callous and calculating, someone who would seize the smallest weakness in a fight, someone against whom you'd lose your life if you lose your cool
won't just stand there and let Luffy powerup and underestimate him.

Without the plot armor, the ability to use haki, or the energy to constantly keep his eyes open, and without the gladiators stalling Doflamingo, Mingo catches up to Luffy and kills him.

Before someone brings the sbs, this is the official translation
Here's the proper one. Oda says Luffy would need to tough it out.

Tough it out- to endure what's coming.

Pay attention to how there's no risk of not being able to move but Doflamingo's awakening managed to weaken Luffy so much that he was trembling all over and needed Gyats to carry him

The more essays Light types out on why X fictional character is stronger than Y fictional character, the buffer he gets