Powers & Abilities AdvCoC

You gonna think im mad about "zoro" getting it but if you check my replies, i defend him so much and actually like him, so im not hater lol
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Only handful of very strongest can use and zoro is destined to become one.

He will be WSS after all
"Hanful" and we already have 5 in onigashima only, and kidd will join the list soon at this point.
Some people don't understand that Zoro isn't "everybody". We heard the same shit for basic CoC and how Zoro shouldn't have got it when bums like Katakuri have it.

Zoro is meant for greatness, to be one of the Strongest in the World if not the Strongest. Thinking he wasn't going to get Adv CoC is retarded.
Zoro would be top 5 strongest character in EOS, i dont have problem with having AdvCoC but 1 hour before this he didnt even knew he has basic CoC...