Versus Battle Akatsuki vs Big Mom Pirates

I think that BMP would win, but not as easily as y'all think.
People forgot that Kisame, Nagato, Sasori, Itachi and Kakuzu can use a Water Style Jutsus.
Nagato can use Chibaku Tensei, which not every member of BMP can destroy.
If one of BMP members start bleeding, then Hidan can pretty much kill him ( her ) with one right stab.
Deidara's C4 would kill every member of BMP including Big Mom.
Obito's Kamui would be pain in the ass for all of those, who has a bad CoO.
If we take Edo Tensei Akatsuki, then Akatsuki wins by the simple fact that BMP can't kill them.
OP characters are much much faster on average. Only God tiers and higher can compete with high tiers for the most part, including speed stats. Having lightning reactions is considered really fast by Naruto standards in mid-late shippuden. That's already slow by OP low tier standards pre timeskip.

Naruto God tiers >> OP top tiers >> OP high tiers > OP mid tiers > Naruto top tiers

It'd probably go something like that.
Lightning reactions was something accomplished by Kid Kakashi, who cut lightning in half, and Kid Kakashi scales massively below his adult version who is only a mid tier in the series. So OP char aren't on average faster.
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Both Nagato and Kisame can solo. Depending on the version of Obito, he solos too.
Katakuri and the army are the main problems here.

Kisame defeat most fruit users via Suiton waves.
Deidera mostly, with the help of Sasori has to beat most of the fodder.
But those fodder are strong. And Akatsuki are specialist of 1 versus one, or 1 versus a few.

Big Mom is not a problem at all. There is plenty of way to beat her in a few second. A Genjutsu from Itachi can defeat her. Same thing with Kamui.

Smoothie and Cracker can't pass Kisame Waves. Cracker can escape Itachi Genjutsu but his skin is not as hard has his mother. One of the Akatsuki will localize him ( Zetsu ? ).

I don't know how they will beat Katakuri and the army.
Akatsuki has one shot jutsu and Suiton Waves but everybody as fast or as strong as Brook can be a problem for Akatsuki.

Amande can One-Shot Hidan, maybe even Kakuzu can fall in a few hits.
Oven can probably be a threat to Konan.

Globally. Deidera has to use C3 on the army fast or it could go either way.
With easily 2 dozens of Big Mom army on Jōnin strenght and speed, Akatsuki don't fear Big Mom, Cracker, Smoothie and the fruit users who can't pass the Suiton Waves and Genjutsu but Katakuri who can anticipate everything and an Army that strong.

Zetsu (100,000 clone army included)


Big Mom
All Ministers + fodders
The Akatsuki gets defeated imo. Itachi has a chance against BM and Obito & Nagato, but the rest get defeated pretty handily. The zetsu army should also be weaker than the chess soldiers