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Why Is Lumiose City Undergoing Redevelopment?

  • The Pokémon equivalent of the Industrial Revolution

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  • The sewers were overflowing with tons of Zygarde Slime (new Key Item)

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and then there's me giving nonstop hugs to my wonderful Incineroar in S/V brought over from my Sun copy >.<, his loss tbh 🤷‍♂️

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love to see it
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Mine are cuties. <3
I have two - one ghost Tera type named Andrea and a fighting Tera type named Andrew 😂
mine is named Jungle Fury from Power Rangers Jungle Fury (2008) 😅
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the clean freak in me is dying on the inside seeing this 😞
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my fluffy angel dragon bird >.<
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Kagu Nyan

✨✨✨Hibernation mode on 🎵 ✨✨✨
Oooh nice!! Did you continue this power Ranger theme for any other Pokemon?

I just go with basic names because I'm lazy lol

So what Tera type did you go for your annhilape?

Also, have you completed the whole pokedex for the main game and DLC?